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These Parents Can’t Afford Their 10 Kids, But They’re Trying For #11 Anyway

Can you imagine how hard it is to get 10 children up, ready for school and out the door? That’s a dilemma that Clive and Louise Andrews face on a daily basis, and it’s not the only challenge they face. Money is a serious problem for the family, too.

More Kids Than Cash

Clive and Louise have recently appeared on British TV in a program called Big Family Values: More Kids Than Cash.


In it, they shared their financial woes with the nation. Clive, 50, has no job and is a full-time stay-at-home father. Louise, 34, has a job but only as a part-time cleaner.

Tight Finances Means Creative Solutions

First, it’s important to note that Britain has a generous state aid program for families such as Clive and Louise’s. Their healthcare, housing (which is actually two three-bedroom houses joined together), and many other indirect expenses are met by the government.


However, it’s also fair to say that they don’t have much cash money to spend each month. The family’s food bill comes in at over £1,000 a month and they have to run two cars to take the family anywhere.

They Want More Children

Clive only recently quit work and says now that he’s a full-time dad, “Having 10 children is an absolute blessing. It’s 24/7 around the clock but I enjoy it.”


The couple is now keen to have baby number 11. They say that while they do have to make sacrifices to keep the family together, such as no holidays and doing large amounts of laundry, it’s worth it and they don’t regret their choice at all.

However, it’s not clear that an extra child will be possible as Louise had severe complications during her last pregnancy and will need to wait for medical clearance before trying for another baby.

We wish them luck and you can see some of the TV show they starred in below:

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