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  • Wife Passes Away Hours After Giving Birth, Then Husband’s Instinct Tells Him To Check Her Pregnancy Blog

    Matt and Liz Logelin were the kind of couple that seemed to be able to make it through everything. From high school to a long-distance relationship, everything was going great for the two as they landed impressive jobs and finally tied the knot. Happily navigating all of the experiences of young adulthood, the pair was elated when they found out that Liz was expecting their first child - a girl. That euphoria was short lived, however, as an unexpected tragedy turned everything upside down. In the throes of grief, Matt Logelin felt a strange need to revisit the couple's pregnancy blog. He could have never anticipated the series of events that would soon follow and change his life forever.

    LifeJulie SteigerwaldMar 29, 2018
  • The Obamas And Netflix Close To Reaching Deal On Original Series

    Former President Barack Obama has been taking some much-needed time off since leaving the White House in 2017. He has been spotted on vacations around the world relaxing with his wife, former First Lady Michelle Obama, and daughters. Most presidents stay out of the limelight after their term is up, but the Obamas are going

    EntertainmentWill GardnerMar 28, 2018
  • 5 Of The Weirdest Things Daniel Radcliffe Has Done Since Harry Potter

    Funny, talented and down-to-earth, Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is one of the most likable stars in Hollywood. He might be best known for playing “the boy who lived” in the wizarding franchise, but he’s also famous for his self-deprecating humor and having an attraction to the “weird” side of life, whether it’s off-beat roles, or

    EntertainmentMichael EvansMar 28, 2018
  • Why Fans Feel Fed up with The Walking Dead

    The Walking Dead used to be one of the hottest shows on television. But in recent years, viewership has fallen off. Ratings reached an all-time high during season five, with an average of 14.38 million watchers, but has steadily declined ever since. This season’s tenth episode recorded the lowest ratings since the first season, leaving

    EntertainmentJade WilsonMar 28, 2018
  • Wild Facts About Xena, TV’s Original Superwoman

    Long before Gal Gadot stepped into Wonder Woman's boots, one name, and one name only became synonymous, with the incredible strength of empowered women: Xena, Warrior Princess. This television icon didn't break the rules; she redefined them. Few have come close, if ever, to matching her balance of virtue and ferocity. But how well do you know this legendary heroine and her world? Go behind the scenes and discover some of the most unique and surprising facts about this unforgettable series. So saddle up your horses, brandish your swords, and practice your battle shriek, it's time for a journey through the fantastic world of Xena!

    EntertainmentMichael BerdyMar 28, 2018
  • These Ryan Reynolds Outtakes Will Make You Love Him Even More

    When a new DVD or Blu-ray is released, most people go straight to the outtakes. If that’s not you, we’re here to make the case that it should be you with any film featuring Ryan Reynolds. Even if the movie is bad (looking at you, R.I.P.D.) Reynolds’ gag reels are comedy gold. Here are a few

    EntertainmentWill GardnerMar 27, 2018
  • Ron Howard Made ‘Arrested Development’ Fans A Huge Season 5 Gift

    Birthdays usually bring presents to the people being celebrated, but Ron Howard decided to switch things up this year. To celebrate hitting 64, he gave fans a present in the form of a sneak peek of Arrested Development Season 5. In The Present The critically-acclaimed director is both a producer and the voiceover narrator for the

    EntertainmentMichael EvansMar 27, 2018
  • The Best Red Carpet Fashion to Swoon Over

    Breath-taking gowns, daring fashion choices and jaw-dropping red carpet moments are what the Oscars is all about. The awards might be given out for movies, but it’s the dresses we all remember, especially those worn by the winners themselves. If you win an Oscar, you want to make sure you look good doing it, and

    EntertainmentJade WilsonMar 27, 2018
  • Everything We Know About Quentin Tarantino’s Upcoming Film

    Quentin Tarantino has revealed details of his ninth full-length feature film based on murders perpetrated by Charles Manson and his cult followers. Recent real-life controversies have surrounded Tarantino and his former distributor Miramax Films, and the sensitive topic of the film is bound to add to the fire. Here are five things we currently know

    EntertainmentWill GardnerMar 26, 2018
  • Why People Are Saying ‘Veronica’ Is The Scariest Movie On Netflix

    If you’re looking for a scary movie to blow you away, check out Veronica on Netflix. The movie started streaming last month, and it’s already receiving rave reviews from fans who hail it as the scariest movie on Netflix. Here’s everything you need to know about Veronica before adding it to your list. Director Paco

    EntertainmentWill GardnerMar 26, 2018
  • Why The Reaction to Frances McDormand’s Oscar Speech Was Even Better Than The Speech Itself

    No one likes losing. The gut-wrenching feeling of failure is hard to overcome. Sometimes it just takes time. Or you can find support from a loved one, family member, or good friend. In this case, four colleagues were there for each other when they needed each other most. And The Oscar Goes To… This year’s

    EntertainmentWill GardnerMar 26, 2018
  • Gunsmoke: Top Facts Behind The Longest-Lived Show on Television

    Twenty seasons, twenty years. 635 episodes that accompanied a generation's journey from President Eisenhower all the way to President Ford. As the longest-running television drama in history, Gunsmoke is the show that can only be described using superlatives. To say it's an American classic is an understatement. But how much do you actually know about this legendary show and the larger than life characters who inhabited its world? From a mind-boggling slew of Hollywood A-listers that passed through its saloon doors, to lions, and even to outer space, check out our favorite facts on everything behind the scenes of the Western epic Gunsmoke.

    EntertainmentMichael BerdyMar 26, 2018