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  • Pointless Trends That Need To Just Disappear Already

    Every generation claims their fair share of popular trends. The 60s created tye die shirts, the 70s offered bellbottoms, and the 80s brought neon back. Once we hit the 90s, everything went downhill. Trends became pointless, idiotic, and cringe-worthy. Out of the countless trends to have come and gone, these still make us facepalm. Selfie

    EntertainmentMichael EvansJan 2, 2018
  • Don’t Miss This List of the Most Anticipated Movies of 2018

    The year 2017 brought us some huge big screen successes like “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” “Wonder Woman,” “Beauty and the Beast” and “Logan.” Although it seems like a tough act to follow, the 2018 film docket seems to be shaping up with a wide assortment of action, fantasy, heist, biopic and family movies. Oh, and don’t forget the hefty handful of long-awaited comic book superhero flicks and popular franchise installations that are hoping to stun moviegoers and make bank at the box office. With the Academy Awards still months away, your guess is as good as ours for Oscar contenders. That being said, without further ado, check out this gallery of dozens of the year’s most anticipated movies.

    EntertainmentJulie SteigerwaldJan 2, 2018
  • CGI Reconstruction Shows Us What Famous Historical Figures Actually Looked Like

    History is filled with stories about great leaders and other influential figures who, for better or worse, helped build the world we live in today. Despite their contributions, we often have limited-to-no idea what they looked like. We have paintings and in some cases a few old photographs, but nothing like we have today, in

    LifeWill GardnerJan 1, 2018
  • After Revealing Her Biggest Secret, This Woman Won A Modelling Contract

    It’s a fickle and harsh world out there, and it’s hard to be different when people can be so cruel to each other. Therese Hansson of Malmo, Sweden, did what any of us might; she hid her true nature from others just so she could fit in. Then one day, she let her real-self shine

    StyleMichael EvansJan 1, 2018
  • 2017 Was Also The Year Of Insane Fast Food Menu Items

    2017 has had its fair share of ups and downs. But regardless of what happens in politics or pop culture, food has always been there when we need it. Several fast food chains tried to shake things up this year with some menu additions. Unfortunately, these following 10 items left folks with sad wallets and

    HumorWill GardnerJan 1, 2018
  • Iconic Photos Of NYC’s New Year’s Eve Ball Drop From 1907 Until Now

    New Year’s Eve first became a celebration in New York City in 1904, but it wasn’t until 1907 that the ball was made and dropped for the very first time. Ever since then, we’ve celebrated in times of war and in times of peace. It’s been 110 years of tradition, and we’ll keep it going

    EntertainmentWill GardnerDec 31, 2017
  • Marilyn Monroe: The Surprising Reality Behind the Hollywood Legend

    Marilyn Monroe is one of the world's most recognized stars of mythological proportions. She has been immortalized for decades as an emblem of Hollywood allure and sex appeal. While everyone is familiar with her iconic image, there was a lot more than meets the eye in the behind-the-scenes reality of the legendary blonde bombshell. Despite all the fame and the hoopla surrounding her attention-grabbing person, Marilyn Monroe faced a series of triumphs and tribulations in her all-too-short life and career. From unusual beauty tricks to her off-screen hobbies, Marilyn Monroe was constantly breaking the mold. Read on to discover the many remarkable details behind the legend of one of history's biggest stars.

    EntertainmentJulie SteigerwaldDec 28, 2017
  • Crazy Photos From Russia That Prove It’s Another World

    It’s been nearly 30 years since the wall came down and the communist East became the capitalist East. However, that doesn’t mean that our Russian cousins have adopted all our fancy American ways. In fact, as you’ll see from these crazy photos, Russia is still another world.   Standing On The Corner Can Be Chilly

    HumorWill GardnerDec 27, 2017
  • Get Your Kids And Show Them Why You Never Cross The Road Behind A Bus

    Road safety isn’t as widely taught in schools as it should be. After all, the average teacher has an awful lot to cram into a young mind before they leave and some things are always going to slip through the cracks. That’s why you should grab your kids and let them read this instructive article

    LifeJade WilsonDec 27, 2017
  • People Who Went To Epic Lengths For A Hilarious Photobomb

    We live in the age of the selfie. Anything remotely interesting is photographed these days, as well as a lot that isn’t interesting at all! I’m sure it can be frustrating for the person trying to have some undocumented fun when the person next to them won’t put down their camera. Why not make light of it

    TrendingWill GardnerDec 27, 2017
  • Aww, Did You Meet On Tinder? Here Are Some Christmas Gift Ideas You Might Like

    Tinder isn’t usually where long-term relationships are born, but eh, it happens. If you’re considering buying your Tinder love a Christmas gift, then things have definitely gone beyond the hook-up phase. Congrats on that. Your search for the perfect gift stops here. Check out these gems.   Insults Are My Love Language Too Etsy has these

    HumorJade WilsonDec 26, 2017
  • Mind-Tripping Photos That’ll Make You Feel Confused

    Optical illusions are simply people or objects shot from different perspectives that can really mess with your mind. Your eyes see more than one thing and your brain tries to focus, but you’re left with an illusion that just doesn’t make physical sense in our world. Here are 10 such photos sure to cause you

    EntertainmentMichael EvansDec 26, 2017