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  • Strange Careers That Pay Surprisingly Decent Money

    Anyone can be an accountant or a real estate agent. All you have to do is work hard and study hard and you’ll soon be raking in the money. But what about people who want to do something a little more peculiar? Well, they’re covered too. Check out these strange careers which may or may

    HumorMichael EvansJan 14, 2018
  • Unexpected Wedding Night Confessions That Happened in Real Life

    Getting married is one of the biggest life decisions you will ever make. It’s a special moment when you finally agree to spend forever with the one you love. But everyone has secrets. Some people waited until the last possible minute to spill the beans before saying “I do.” Luckily for us, these folks shared

    LifeWill GardnerJan 14, 2018
  • The Plaza Hotel In New York Actually Offers A Home Alone 2 Themed Package

    You won’t believe it, but Home Alone 2 is celebrated its 25 year anniversary recently! To celebrate this children’s classic, the Plaza Hotel in New York is giving its guests the chance to live the Kevin McCallister experience. What Does It Take To Live Like Kevin McCallister? Believe it or not, it costs less to live

    EntertainmentWill GardnerJan 11, 2018
  • Celebs Who Clapped Back Fiercely At Touched Up Photos Of Them

    We’re bombarded with images every day from advertisements, magazines, and even our social accounts. We compare ourselves to these images without realizing how altered they are. Celebrities are used to being photoshopped, but recently, they’ve started speaking out against it, calling for more “self-love,” and less deception from those in the fashion industry. Here are some

    EntertainmentWill GardnerJan 11, 2018
  • Horrible Makeup Trends That We Hope Never Make A Comeback

    Each woman has her own reasons for wearing makeup. Whether it’s to make her feel beautiful or to cover imperfections depends on who you ask. But no matter the reason, hopefully all women can come together and agree that the following makeup trends have to stay in the past. Avoid the following looks, they went

    HumorWill GardnerJan 11, 2018
  • These Celebrities Were Cheerleaders When They Were Young

    Cheerleaders are full of energy and are comfortable performing in front of large crowds. Therefore, it’s no surprise that many celebrities grew up high kicking and flipping before they tumbled into fame. Actually, you’ll be amazed to find out that some well-known child stars even found time among their hectic schedules to join the pep squad. Given the physical demands of cheerleading, it’s no wonder these former squad members went on to have spirited careers. Although they eventually left the sidelines for center stage, you’ll never believe which famous women (and men!) on this list traded in their pom-poms for a future in the spotlight!

    EntertainmentJulie SteigerwaldJan 11, 2018
  • There’s A Big Advantage To Having Red Hair, According To Scientists

    Red hair is always noticeable, but not always in a good way. If you’re a top model or an actor, you’re going to get nothing but compliments on it. But other, less fortunate red-headed folk may be teased about their look. Fortunately, there’s now a big advantage to having red hair that you can use

    LifeJade WilsonJan 10, 2018
  • 10 Cat Snapchats Sure to Have You Laughing Right Meow

    While dogs are said to be man’s best friend, one thing can be said for sure… the internet sure does love its cat pictures. Constantly trending, cat pics show us just how humorous these furry balls of personality can be and keep us entertained for hours at a time. Check out these 10 best cat

    HumorWill GardnerJan 10, 2018
  • She Can Cook, Play Guitar, Drum, All Without Her Right Hand

    Picking up new skills isn’t easy. Whether you want to learn how to cook or play the guitar, everything takes practice. Now imagine how much more challenging it would be to develop new skills with your right hand tied behind your back. That is the reality for Abshow, the inspiring YouTuber who devotes her life to

    LifeJade WilsonJan 9, 2018
  • These Cute ‘Pet Shaming’ Pictures of Misbehaving Animals are Hilarious

    If you own a pet or have ever come in contact with a domestic animal, you know that these four-legged friends have a knack for getting themselves into trouble. Most of the time their mess ups are innocent enough, but sometimes they can do real damage to their surroundings and themselves. Despite all the shenanigans our beloved pets get into, we can’t help but love them, and often-times laugh at them. For that reason, the “pet shaming” craze has become a super “pawpular” phenomenon. If you’re in need of some laughs, or just want to see some cute animals, check out these hilariously naughty cats and dogs who were caught by their owners making mischief.

    HumorJulie SteigerwaldJan 9, 2018
  • Teen Girls From The ’00s Will Positively Shriek Over These Pics

    Every decade has its own unique fashion trends. Girls growing up during the 2000s were exposed to a plethora of passing trends. Only a select handful of them stick out like a sore thumb and continue to haunt ladies to this day. These following trends were definitely ones to erase from your memory. Butterfly Kisses

    StyleMichael EvansJan 8, 2018
  • British Makeup Artist Flawlessly Transforms Himself Into Celebrities

    If you’re a huge makeup or cosplay fan, right now is a truly blessed time in the world of cosmetic creativity. All over the world, seriously talented makeup artists are using the power of the internet to show off their considerable skills, but makeup artist and drag queen Elliot Joseph Rentz, who performs under the

    StyleJade WilsonJan 8, 2018