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  • Meet the Woman Being Called a ‘Hummingbird Whisperer’

    Melanie Barboni works as an Assistant Researcher in UCLA Earth, Planetary, and Space Science Program and has always loved hummingbirds. According to Bored Panda, Barboni said:  “My wildest dream as a child was to see hummingbirds. Imagine my joy when I found out that my next job… would bring me… where hummingbirds live. So great

    LifeLyn KellySep 3, 2017
  • Adorable 7-Year-Old Asks Bride-to-be Neighbor, “Can I Be Your Ring Berry?” In A Surprise Proposal

    A surprise proposal will always be memorable. But one adorable accomplice made it even better when the he mispronounced the word that would have given the soon to be bride a hint of what’s in store. The shy 7-year-old boy donned dress clothes and bowtie asking, but then asked the unknowing bride-to-be “Can I be

    HumorLyn KellySep 1, 2017
  • College Student Drives Toward Hurricane Harvey to Save Dogs

    Two pups named Thelma and Hercules were stranded in a Corpus Christi foster home when devastating hurricane, Harvey landed in the state of Texas. A 22-year-old college student who wishes just to be called by his first name Connor, found himself driving toward the storm when everyone else was fleeing. The heroic rescue of the

    LifeLyn KellySep 1, 2017
  • 8-year Old Brain Surgery Survivor Starts His Own Lemonade Stand as Part of Therapy

    Ulises Ornelas underwent brain surgery after being diagnosed with hemangioma cavernoma – a benign blood vessel malformation in the brain characterized by balancing problems, seizures, and general weakness in the arms and legs. After surgery, he decided to setup a lemonade stand as part of his therapy. According to Inside Edition, the staff at Madonna

    LifeLyn KellySep 1, 2017
  • Mother Nature’s Wrath: The Most Unbelievable Natural Disasters in History

    Mother Nature both gives us life and can just as easily take it away. Some events in nature certainly make it seem like the Earth is constantly out to get us. Whether from the sky or from underground the forces of nature have incredible power. Sometimes the actions of humans and that of nature collide and when that happens no one is safe- as you know, Mother Nature can be both inspiring and destructive. Read on to find out some of the most amazing and devastating events that have occurred in nature.

    LifeAsher WeberAug 31, 2017
  • Amazing And Bizarre Things You’ll Only Find In Japan

    Japan might just be the weirdest place in the world. Weird in a good way that is… most of the time. While they are incredibly creative, they cross the line, then they keep going. Japan seems, to outsiders at least, to be the land of extremes; extremely crazy, extremely bold and extremely polite. Whether you’re thinking about traveling to Japan or just amazed by their culture, this is the list for you. Read on to find out what bizarre and amazing things await you in the Land of the Rising Sun.

    EntertainmentAsher WeberAug 31, 2017
  • Hollywood Actresses Who Get Paid Way Less Than They Should

    When Jennifer Lawrence wrote a personal essay about the wage gap in Hollywood in 2015, she revealed a problem that had been going on for years. For decades women in Hollywood have been making less than their male co-stars. Sometimes, it’s half, sometime’s it 10 percent, and sometimes the wage gap is even starker. The fury over Hollywood’s income inequality came into the spotlight again recently when it was revealed how little Gal Gadot was paid for her performance as Wonder Woman. To find out all about how little actresses make compared to their male counterparts, read on.

    EntertainmentMilos RockerAug 31, 2017
  • Widower Releases Messages in Bottles to Help Find New Love

    A 49-year-old widowerfrom London who lost his wife to breast cancer 18 months ago, had been literally flooding the UK waters with messages in bottles with the hope of finding new love. “The many things that I have experienced and my recent loss — are some of the things that have tested me and make me who

    LifeLyn KellyAug 31, 2017
  • Toddler Mistakes Batman Statue for Father in Adorable Video

    A 22-month-old toddler saw a Batman statue and tried getting its attention by repeatedly calling the figure “da-da”. In a video posted on Reddit captioned “When you’re trying to get your dada’s attention but he just stands there like a statue…”, the mom can be heard asking her baby daughter who she was looking at. “It’s

    HumorLyn KellyAug 31, 2017
  • Piglet and Kitten at Animal Shelter Become Inseparable, Comfort Each Other

    An unlikely friendship has developed between two animal species – a piglet and kitten – and their friendship has been warming hearts everywhere. The adorable and heartwarming video posted by Caitlin Cimini on Instagram has garnered almost 160,000 views in a matter of four days. Cimini is the founder of the Rancho Relaxo Rescue located

    LifeLyn KellyAug 31, 2017
  • Brave Female Soldiers from Around the World

    While science fiction provides a break from reality with superheroines like Wonder Woman, Batgirl, and Storm, there are real-life female soldiers making a difference in this world in ways you won't even believe. It was after the sexual revolution and women's rights movements that military forces and armies around the world began to cater for females in combat units. These days, it's not uncommon to see brave young women serving side by side with fellow male soldiers in true Wonder Woman style. Read on for the most impressive female soldiers around the world!

    EntertainmentDanielle ProphetaAug 30, 2017
  • Take a Look at Some of the Strangest Inventions in History

    From year to year, technology makes exceptional strides in terms of complexity and ingenuity. People love to get their hands on the latest, most advanced gadgets that money can buy, but can they all last forever? What about the flat-out failures? Behind every successful device are usually several more versions that failed. One thing is certain: humans love to tinker and when given the opportunity, their minds go wild in some of the weirdest ways. Read on to learn about some of the oddest inventions ever created.

    LifeMelina PapadopoulosAug 30, 2017