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  • Five-Year-Old Saves Little Brother from Choking Thanks to First Aid Class

    When 3-year-old Stanley Bevans suddenly choked on a meatball, his 5-year-old brother, Oliver came to his aid by slapping him on the back until the meatball came out. The act may be easily dismissed by Oliver but little does he know that what he did actually save the life of his younger brother — and

    NewsLyn KellyJul 3, 2017
  • Preschool Sweethearts Marry After 20 Years and It Was Adorable

    We’ve heard of high school sweethearts, but preschool sweethearts? Twenty-three-year-old Matt Grodsky knew his heart was set on one girl alone – Laura Scheel, his preschool sweetheart, which is why even after many years, he kept his promise and married her. “My memories are basically following her all the time, reciting Disney lines. She’s teaching

    LifeLyn KellyJul 3, 2017
  • Ellen Puts the Honesty of Her Fans to the Test And the Results Are Surprising

    What happens when a television personality as big as Ellen DeGeneres offers a trust based giveaway to her fans?  Well, Ellen decided to find out. Obviously, she wanted to thank her fans for their loyalty. Little did they know, however, that Ellen was putting their morals to the test--and soon they would see, on screen, who had passed and who had failed. Needless to say, some of the results were pretty hilarious. Ellen revealed them to her audience, and even they couldn't help rolling with laughter at points. Curious to see exactly how well Ellen fans behave around free goodies, and how exactly Ellen treats her not so honest fans? Read on!

    LifeMelina PapadopoulosJul 2, 2017
  • Can You Blaze Through This Big Blazing Saddles Quiz?

    EntertainmentMilos RockerJul 2, 2017
  • Dog That Ran Ultra Marathon Scores Movie and Book Deal

    One of the ultimate challenges an extreme athlete could face is the Gobi Desert Ultra Marathon in China, which can last up to seven days. But this story is not about an extraordinary man running an extraordinary race, but a dog. It is safe to say that she is no ordinary dog either. The Ultramarathon

    EntertainmentLyn KellyJul 2, 2017
  • Thai Police Officer Subdues Knife Attacker with a Hug

    Police officers are often in the news subduing potential attackers through quick-thinking moves, handcuffs, tasers and at times even gun shots. But when a man holding a knife went inside a police station in Bangkok, Thailand, one police officer responded not with violence but with compassion and a hug. In a CCTV video caught inside

    NewsLyn KellyJul 2, 2017
  • MLB Umpire Saves Woman About to Jump to Her Death

    Major League Baseball umpire John Tumpane was just taking his usual route in Pittsburgh, which included walking across the Roberto Clemente Bridge, but Wednesday afternoon was no ordinary day when he prevented a woman from jumping off the bridge by holding on to her with all his might until help came. The 34-year-old MLB umpire,

    NewsLyn KellyJul 2, 2017
  • Police Officer Adopts Child He Saved From Abusive Home

    An Oklahoma police officer went above and beyond the call of duty when he adopted a young boy that he helped save from an extremely abusive home. Jody Thompson first met his adopted son, John, in 2015 when he was pulling into the parking lot of work and a child abuse call went out. “I thought

    LifeAnthony PerrottaJul 1, 2017
  • Mother Who Lost Her Son Gets Parking Tickets Dismissed By Kind Judge

    A mother whose life had taken a turn downhill – financially, emotionally, psychologically—starting from the loss of her son received a much-needed dose of humanity and compassion from Judge Frank Caprio who dismissed all her outstanding parking tickets considering her circumstances. In a video posted on Facebook, Judge Caprio can be seen enumerating the outstanding ticket

    LifeLyn KellyJul 1, 2017
  • New Crisis Centers Give Hope to Pakistani Women Who Suffered Domestic Violence

    Pakistan has long been notorious for its ever-soaring rates of violence against women. A 2013 Punjab Investigation Branch Report said that on a daily basis, six women are murdered or have an attempted murder made against them, eight are raped, 11 experience assault and battery, and 32 are abducted— and those are the conservative figures.

    FeaturedLyn KellyJun 30, 2017
  • Man Learns Priceless Life Lessons While Traveling the World on Almost No Money

    While most travelers would naturally set a budget as the topmost priority on their journey Leon Logothetis has survived with zero money. Incredibly, 40-year-old Logothetis has visited almost 100 countries since he began his travel escapades back in 2013. It was in the same year when he starred in a Netflix documentary series “The Kindness

    HOMELyn KellyJun 30, 2017
  • Son Repays Mother By Taking Her on a Bucket List Adventure

    It’s taken Sian Pierre Regis a little while to realize how great a childhood his mother, Rebecca, gave him. “I was so mean to my mom growing up about having no money,” he told CBS’ On the Road segment. “I remember her crying a few times because I was so mean to her about it.”

    LifeAnthony PerrottaJun 30, 2017