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  • Couple Proves True Love Exists When They Miraculously Find Each Other After 56 Years Apart

    Love stories like those found in The Notebook or Casablanca might seem too good to be true, but every now and then, we hear a real-life love story that’s even more impressive than Hollywood’s version! Meet William Bell & Omega Brown William Bell and Omega Brown met in 1955 in Greensboro, North Carolina after being set up by a

    LifeWill GardnerNov 14, 2017
  • Doctor Stays in Character as Joker and Delivers Baby On Halloween

    If you think that Joker is just always up to no good, think again! Donned as the archnemesis of the caped crusader, this doctor delivered a baby during the Halloween celebration this year.     Dr. Paul Locus from Henry County Medical Center in Paris, Tennessee was all prepped up for Halloween, including the DC

    HumorLyn KellyNov 14, 2017
  • These Mistakes Prevented Jaycee Dugard from Being Rescued For Years

    When someone is abducted, people expect the law to follow every procedure and do everything possible to find them. But in the case of Jaycee Lee Dugard, it was frightening how many times the police overlooked huge warning signs that could have cracked the case much earlier. Instead, a young girl suffered for years because of it. Read on to see how the police's failure to follow leads, either purposefully or negligently, contributed to how the heart wrenching kidnapping of Jaycee Dugard unfolded.

    LifeDanielle ProphetaNov 13, 2017
  • Preschool Teacher Gets Surprise Proposal With the Help of Her Class

    Sara Trigero, a preschool teacher at the Child and Family Research Center at University of Nevada – Reno, got a big surprise recently. The 27-year-old educator was under the impression that the school was giving her a performance review, so she was caught off guard when she saw a group of her students lined up

    LifeLyn KellyNov 12, 2017
  • Disabled US Veterans Race in New York City Marathon

    The annual New York City Marathon saw some courageous participants this year. Among the racers was a team of disabled veterans who completed the race using their handcycles. Nonprofit organization Achilles International brought together a group of army veterans who, despite their disabilities, were actively involved during the event. Former U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Travis

    LifeLyn KellyNov 11, 2017
  • Man Walks for Miles to Find Donor For Wife Who Needs Kidneys

    74-year-old Wayne Winters is all over the news because of his inspiring act of walking for miles every day just to find a donor for his wife who needs kidneys. The couple had been waiting for two years and the old man was tired of sitting around waiting for the right donor to come along,

    NewsLyn KellyNov 10, 2017
  • Feline Lucky? Take our Purrfect Cat Quiz

    HumorAsher WeberNov 9, 2017
  • Son Receives Fallen Soldier´s Car 15 Years After His Mom Sold It

    When Army Lt. Jonathan Rozier died in Baghdad last July 19, 2003, his wife was left with the harsh realities of facing life alone and raising their 9-month-old son. But the fallen soldier also left the family with a 1999 Toyota Celica that according to NBC News was “just sitting in the driveway.” Jessica Johns

    LifeLyn KellyNov 8, 2017
  • Extremely Spicy ‘One Chip Challenge’ Destroyed This Morning Show’s Hosts

    Meet The Carolina Reaper The Carolina Reaper is the world’s hottest pepper, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. This is what it looks like: It’s red and gnarly and has a small pointed tail. It also packs in nearly 1.5 million Scoville units, meaning it’s roughly 1,000 times hotter than your average chili pepper.

    LifeJade WilsonNov 8, 2017
  • Great-Grandmother Celebrates Her 94th Birthday By Going Skydiving, Confesses ‘I’m A Little Nuts’

    If you need some motivation to take the bull by the horns and live life to the full, look no further than Eila Campbell, the 94-year-old skydiving great-grandmother! Everyone Thinks She’s Nuts! Eila Campbell of Williamsport, Pennsylvania never thought she’d make it to 94-years-old, but as her birthday approached, she decided that she wanted to

    LifeWill GardnerNov 8, 2017
  • That’s No Kidney Stone! 45-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth To A Boy, Unaware Of Pregnancy

    The nine months of pregnancy come with a lot of change. A mother’s body goes through an incredible transformation with organs moving and shifting to make room for a tiny human to grow! Most women know they are pregnant almost immediately. Weird cravings, a missed period, or even slight cramps may signal it’s time to

    LifeMichael EvansNov 8, 2017
  • What This Couple Does For Their Granddaughter On Her Way To Work Is Just The Sweetest

    Starting a new job is nervewracking for anyone. Graduating high school and getting your first job as an official adult is something many of us remember. It’s a time of excitement and anxiety, but one 17-year-old from Scotland has her family cheering her on every step of the way. Rio Smith Was Insanely Nervous About

    LifeWill GardnerNov 8, 2017