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  • These Real Life Robots Can Almost Pass For Being Human

    Blade Runner 2049 took us into a future where robots are indistinguishable from human beings, but the truth is we’re not far away from that future now. The World Of Realistic Robots There are two areas of robotics that will deliver something indistinguishable from a human being. The first is the form factor. Creating a

    TrendingJade WilsonDec 22, 2017
  • Abs Are Made In The Kitchen! This Woman Stopped Working Out And Lost Over 60 Pounds On This Diet

    The health and fitness sphere is always talking about the newest, most effective diet. Although many different weight-loss methods have emerged in the past couple of years, one has gained an enormous following. The keto diet is making a huge impression in the wellness world — and the results of people who follow this diet are

    LifeWill GardnerDec 22, 2017
  • Men Are Booking Root Canals Just To See The World’s Most Beautiful Nurse

    Most guys hate going to the dentist, but it seems like it’s a lot easier when they have an appointment with the “world’s most beautiful nurse!” “The World’s Most Beautiful Nurse” Ning Chen is a 25-year-old dental nurse in Taiwan, and since some pictures of her at work started to spread on the internet, she

    TrendingWill GardnerDec 21, 2017
  • Get Ready To Laugh! These Are Some Of The Sickest Burns We’ve Ever Seen Online

    Ah, the internet. It’s a harsh environment. Every day offers a new opportunity to learn a lesson on becoming a civil human being. Each moment offers limitless chances to put people on notice. Whether or not these people learned anything is moot. They played with fire and got roasted.   Their Future Is In Jeopardy We’ll take

    HumorJade WilsonDec 21, 2017
  • This Guy Sent An Inappropriate Photo Of His GF To His Mom And It’s So Wrong

    Have you ever sent a text message and immediately regretted it? How about posting a picture and noticing right away that there was something off in it? Maison Vallance, a 22-year-old man from Tennessee, recently experienced the latter when he sent an extremely inappropriate picture of his girlfriend to none other than… HIS MOTHER! It

    HumorMichael EvansDec 21, 2017
  • Tall Guys Have It Tough, And These Pics Absolutely Prove It

    I know that shorter guys are always envious of taller guys because they “get the girls.” But taller guys will be the first to tell the shorter guys that they’re truly the lucky ones. Things can get really awkward when you’re tall. Here are some pictures to prove it.   Oh, You Want A Photo

    HumorJade WilsonDec 20, 2017
  • Remember The Chain Smoking 2-Year Old? Here’s What Happened To Him

    It’s not the sort of thing little kids are normally famous for, but in 2010, an Indonesian 2-year-old caught the world’s eye by being the first ever chain-smoking toddler. We wondered what happened to him in the years since then, and this is what we discovered. He Had A Serious Habit Ask any smoker and

    LifeWill GardnerDec 20, 2017
  • Meet Tommy Connolly, The World’s Youngest Grandpa At Only 23

    A person’s early twenties are often littered with college courses, parties, and travel. For stand-up guy Tommy Connolly, his early twenties came with some heavy responsibilities that were completely unanticipated. This young man has become the world’s youngest grandfather, and his story is truly remarkable! Life Was Good At 23-years old, Tommy had a lot

    LifeMichael EvansDec 20, 2017
  • ‘The Partridge Family’: Bet You Didn’t Know These Facts About the 1970s Hit Show

    The hit musical-comedy sensation “The Partridge Family” wowed audiences in living rooms across America in the early 1970s and thrust the real-life stars of the wholesome series into the spotlight. Decades before “Glee” and “The Voice,” fans tuned in to follow the entertaining lives of the talented on-screen family. ABC aired the show that starred established Hollywood actress Shirley Jones as the mother of five children, who together, straddled the prosaic reality of their suburban existence along with the adventures of their rising rock band glory. The show generated a massive following and served as the launching pad for teen heartthrob David Cassidy’s explosive early career. While the show may be remembered for its upbeat tunes and pleasant plotlines, there are numerous surprising secrets that lurked behind the scenes. Scroll on to check them out!

    EntertainmentJulie SteigerwaldDec 20, 2017
  • Wasted Away: 10 Celebs With Outrageous Drunk Stories

    Every now and then, we tend to get a little bit carried away with liquor in our system. With the rise of social media, we can tell when our favorite celebs are hitting the bottle. Luckily, these 10 celebrities aren’t shy about their drinking mishaps and have some pretty memorable encounters with alcohol.   Liquid

    TrendingWill GardnerDec 20, 2017
  • Adults Share The Most Brutal Insults Toddlers Have Thrown At Them

    If you don’t have kids, you don’t know what they’re capable of. Even if you do have kids, you don’t know what they’re capable of. The truth is, tiny humans can be deceitful and mean. They can bring grown men to tears and grown women to their knees. Here are ten stories that prove just

    HumorJade WilsonDec 20, 2017
  • These Crazy Facts Will Change How You Look at Nature

    Nature is a beast. It can be cruel, it can be kind, but it can also be wacky. Although intimidating, these 10 facts will make you look at nature in a whole different light. From dolphins and armadillos to dragonflies and turkeys, nature has a few little twists up its sleeve that will keep you

    HumorMichael EvansDec 19, 2017