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  • Sylvester Stallone Has Been Killed By The Internet (Again)

    Sylvester Stallone not only plays iconic heroes of the big screen like Rocky and Rambo, he’s now come back to life more times than a comic book character if you believe the fake news spreading through Facebook and Twitter about his death. Again. How Sly Died (Again) “A fake news story on Facebook told of

    EntertainmentMichael EvansMar 2, 2018
  • Superhero No More: Why These Actors Abandoned Their Iconic Roles

    There’s no end in sight for the booming superhero genre. Whether it’s veteran, award-winning actors like Tilda Swinton or a newcomer like Tom Holland, it seems every actor in Hollywood wants in on the action. But some lucky actors have already grabbed a piece of the superhero pie and abandoned their iconic franchise. Here’s why five

    EntertainmentMichael EvansMar 2, 2018
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger Added To Cast Of ’80s Inspired ‘Kung Fury’

    After leaving the political world, Arnold Schwarzenegger has been keeping himself busy with a handful of acting gigs. His newly-announced project will arguably be one of his most eyebrow-raising to date. A Familiar Project The bodybuilder-turned-actor revealed that he’s joining the cast of David Sandberg’s ’80s-inspired Kung Fury. Other confirmed cast members include Michael Fassbender and David Hasselhoff, who starred

    EntertainmentMichael EvansMar 1, 2018
  • Five Funny Facts About Bruce, The Secret Star Of ‘Jaws’

    Steven Spielberg’s 1975 film Jaws was considered a breakthrough in filmmaking way before the director changed the game with CGI. It also led to a major public misconception about how dangerous sharks really are, but you give and you take. Regardless of the truth behind great white shark behavior, the movie was terrifying and caused

    EntertainmentWill GardnerMar 1, 2018
  • These Celebrity Wax Figures are the Stuff of Nightmares

    There’s something automatically kind of creepy about seeing life-like wax replicas of celebrities from museums like Madame Tussauds. But the creep factor jumps to 11 when those wax figures don’t quite resemble their real-life counterparts. At that point, the only thing those wax figures are good for is being made fun of in lists like

    HumorJade WilsonMar 1, 2018
  • Can You Name These Prominent Women of the Bible?

    LifeJulie SteigerwaldMar 1, 2018
  • Why These Cult ‘Classics’ Are Actually Really Bad Films

    Cult classics never quite got the widespread adoration some think they deserve, but they’re still timeless, unforgettable, and have thriving fanbases to this day. Though some cult films are indeed undeniably good, others completely fail to live up to the hype, leading us to wonder who on earth liked them in the first place. These

    EntertainmentMichael EvansFeb 28, 2018
  • J.J. Abrams Had This To Say About ‘The Last Jedi’ Haters

    If you didn’t like Star Wars: The Last Jedi, you might be a sexist. At least, that was the impression many people got from The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams recently. Simply Sexist? Let’s get the ball rolling by saying that despite its critical acclaim and box office success, The Last Jedi caused quite the backlash among the hardcore Star Wars fans. Some

    EntertainmentWill GardnerFeb 28, 2018
  • Have Audiences Forgotten About This Black Superhero?

    In case you’ve been living under a rock, Black Panther is a big deal right now. The Marvel film earned $242.1 million over President’s Day weekend, making it the best President’s Day opening ever. While everyone has praised the film, some are saying that one particular Marvel character with his own franchise has seemingly been

    EntertainmentJade WilsonFeb 28, 2018
  • These Hilarious Cats Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

    Cats are very misunderstood creatures. They do what they want, when they want, however they want. You can’t control them and no one “owns” them, which leads to them doing some pretty hilarious things. Just where do these odd magical creatures come from? We might just get to the bottom of it here. If you think your cat does odd things, just wait until you see these! We have scoured the internet to find the funniest, most hilarious cats around so you don’t have to. So take a break from whatever you were doing, it’s CAT TIME!! Get ready to bask in the glory of all that is fluffy and funny.

    LifeAsher WeberFeb 28, 2018
  • These Celebrities Eat Really Weird Things To Maintain Their Physique

    Celebrities are just like us, except for the swarm of paparazzi trailing their every move. Still, most of us might be concerned about losing that microscopic inch of fat off our waists if we saw headlines like “So-And-So 6-Months Pregnant With First Child” constantly. Especially if that “first child” was just a bloated belly from

    EntertainmentMichael EvansFeb 27, 2018
  • Kendrick Lamar Bought Out 3 Theaters So Kids Could See Black Panther For Free

    Rapper Kendrick Lamar, along with his record label Top Dawg Entertainment, bought out three movie theatres so kids living in the housing projects of Los Angels could see Black Panther for free. Some critics are saying the blockbuster, which shattered box office records bringing in $235 million domestically, is the greatest superhero movie of all time. Giving Back

    EntertainmentWill GardnerFeb 27, 2018