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  • Teen Dresses Little Brother as ‘It’ Clown and It Is Horrifically Adorable

    One 17-year-old who loves photography has been garnering attention recently because of his idea to photograph his three-year-old brother, Louie, as the character Pennywise from the movie version of the Stephen King novel It. The photos of the toddler, posted on Instagram by his older brother and photographer Eagan Tilghman, show the child dressed as a

    EntertainmentLyn KellySep 8, 2017
  • Boy Saved Brother’s Life After Watching Movie, Gets to Meet ‘The Rock’

    Ten-year-old Jacob O’Connor is making headlines for saving his younger brother, Dylan, who was found floating face-down in his grandmother’s pool using a life saving technique he apparently learned from watching Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the movie San Andreas. After learning about his story, Johnson personally invited and made arrangements for Jacob and his

    EntertainmentLyn KellySep 8, 2017
  • This Couple Adopted a Micro Pig But Were in For a Surprise

    Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter led pretty ordinary lives in Ontario, Canada. They lived together with their two rescue dogs, two cats, turtle and koi fish. Then in the summer of 2012, a pig entered their lives and changed it forever. Something about this micro pig would leave them stunned. In fact, the whole world was left stunned. What was it about this micro pig that made waves across the globe? Read on to find out.

    LifeDanielle ProphetaSep 7, 2017
  • When a Mexican Resort Dream Getaway Turned into a Nightmare

    Heidi and Corey Sorrem were looking forward to a dream getaway at a Mexican resort, famous for its exotic beaches, archaeological ruins, and vibrant nightlife. Then something very sinister occurred that seemed to be the pattern for several vacationers that had their minds set on a holiday of a lifetime. Mysterious blackouts, vicious assaults, robberies, and even deaths took place with absolutely no explanation. So what really went on in these Mexican resorts? Read on to find out.

    NewsDanielle ProphetaSep 7, 2017
  • Man Reunited With Missing Pit Bull After Surviving a Horrific Car Crash

    Colorado man Chance Patterson, 22, was wheelchair bound when he was reunited with his pit bull, Izzy. The two were separated after Patterson’s car was hit by a drunk driver on their way home. The accident totally wrecked the car, leaving Patterson with multiple injuries including a broken leg, fractured ribs, a lacerated lung, and

    LifeLyn KellySep 7, 2017
  • British Man Surgically Has Fingers Replaced with Toes After a Gruesome Job Accident

    Jeremy Payton from Kent, England has had his fingers replaced by his toes because of a horrific job accident that happened decades ago. Operating an industrial blending mechanism in a factory, Jeremy accidentally cut his fingers off without him realizing it. Jeremy said: “When the accident happened, I didn’t realize how serious it was. I

    LifeLyn KellySep 7, 2017
  • Florida Man Finds Love Again After Wife Hired Hitman To Have Him Killed

    Michael Dippolito has found a new love after going through an unbelievable ordeal with his previous wife who plotted to have him killed. Dalia, his ex-wife, has been found guilty of hiring a hitman to have Michael killed. She is now in prison and has been sentenced to spend 16 years behind bars. Today, Michael

    LifeLyn KellySep 7, 2017
  • Make the Most of Your Next Netflix and Chill Session with These Films

    Expecting a movie "date" with a special someone in your life? This list is your go-to guide to make the most of your Netflix and Chill session. The video streaming site has thousands of options to choose from, but that can make it hard to sort through it all and pick the right one. Whether you are in the mood for a laugh, a romantic drama, or an action-packed thriller to get someone to snuggle in closer, worry no longer. It's all here. So browse through and see the movie treasures waiting at your fingertips. Have fun, film fans!

    EntertainmentMelina PapadopoulosSep 6, 2017
  • These Russian Conjoined Twins Endured the Unthinkable

    They say twins have a special connection. They also say that twins can be the best or worst of friends, but what happens when they aren't left with much of a choice? These Russians conjoined twins endured the unthinkable and their story highlights the extreme conditions humanity can bear during times of tragedy. Their exceptional story also portrays the strength of the human spirit. Read on for the incredible tale of the Krivoshlyapova twins.

    LifeDanielle ProphetaSep 6, 2017
  • Teen Boy Narrowly Saves Father From Being Crushed by Truck

    A teenager in Ohio is being called a hero by his own father, Bob Staub, after the boy and his friends saved him from being crushed after the truck he was fixing started sliding down while he was still underneath it. When asked about the incident, Staub candidly told the Inside Edition: “I’m an idiot.

    LifeLyn KellySep 6, 2017
  • Iowa Football Team Starts New Tradition to Honor Children at Hospital

    Saturday marked the start of a new football season but for the University of Iowa Hawkeyes, it is also the beginning of a new tradition that is much more meaningful and significant than chanting, jumping or letting balloons fly – Hawkeyes fans at Kinnick Stadium waved to the children being treated at the adjacent University

    EntertainmentLyn KellySep 6, 2017
  • Couple Completes Arduous Trek to Gets Married on Mt. Everest

    Adventure wedding photographer Charleton Churchill had been dreaming to photograph an actual wedding, complete with a wedding dress and tux, at the Mt. Everest Base Camp (EBC) for the past six years and this year it has become a reality after couple James and Ashley hired him to photograph their wedding at the site in

    LifeLyn KellySep 6, 2017