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  • Donna Brazile Admits Supplying Hillary Campaign with Debate Topics

    When Donna Brazile was the vice chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), she supplied Hillary Clinton’s campaign with debate topics in advance. This is a charge that she has vehemently denied for months but admitted to this week in a piece she wrote for Time Magazine. This was done during the primary contest. Many of

    NewsAlyson ChadwickMar 18, 2017
  • Bill Maher on Violence at Middlebury

    On Friday’s Real Time, Bill Maher expressed concern about campus liberals when violence broke out at Middlebury College when Charles Murray spoke on campus. A female professor suffered a concussion as a result. “I worry that liberalism is at a perilous point,” Maher said. Murray is a political scientist, best known for his 1984 book

    NewsAnthony PerrottaMar 18, 2017
  • Snakes on a Plane? How About in Your Car?

    A Florida woman nearly wrecked her car when a snake slithered through her air conditioning vent in her car. Earlier this month, Monica Dorsett was stuck in traffic in Venice, Florida when it happened. These are photos that Dorsett’s daughter, Kristina, took and shared on Twitter after the ordeal was over. My mom almost crashed her car

    TrendingAlyson ChadwickMar 18, 2017
  • Did Eddie Murphy Really Hint at a ‘Coming to America’ Sequel?

    Shortly after the announcement of a Matrix reboot, something nobody was really asking for, Eddie Murphy hinted at the possibility of a Coming to America sequel, something people have wanted to see for nearly thirty years. On Wednesday night, Murphy tweeted the following: However, the actor and comedian quickly deleted the message—along with his entire

    EntertainmentAnthony PerrottaMar 17, 2017
  • Trump’s First Budget Makes Drastic Cuts to Domestic Programs

    President Donald Trump’s first budget is out and it has something to upset just about everyone. Mick Mulvaney did a number of interviews to promote and talk up the plan. He called it compassionate and needed to keep the United States safe. The budget, called “skinny” and a “hard power budget” slashes many programs that

    NewsAlyson ChadwickMar 17, 2017
  • Tom Price Holds Rare Press Conference on Trumpcare

    Tom Price held a rare press conference on Friday to get more Republicans on board with President’s Donald Trump’s healthcare bill. This shows how little support the American Healthcare Act (Trumpcare) may have on Capitol Hill. While the bill has passed through several House committees, its passage through the full body is less than assured.

    NewsAlyson ChadwickMar 17, 2017
  • White House Apologizes to Britain for Spy Claims

    Yesterday, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer made an unusual claim. In answering a question about President Donald Trump’s claims his offices were “wiretapped” by the Obama Administration, he said Obama sought help from Britain to spy on the candidate and his staff. During his press briefing on Thursday, Spicer said, “Last, on Fox News

    NewsAlyson ChadwickMar 17, 2017
  • Tillerson Puts Military Action Against North Korea on the Table

    United States Secretary of State Rex Tillerson suggested that military action against North Korea is an option. He is in Asia this week on his first trip to the region since taking over at the State Department.  After a tour of the demilitarized zone (DMZ), that exists between North and South Korea. Tillerson had given

    NewsAlyson ChadwickMar 17, 2017
  • Stephen Colbert Spoofs Rachel Maddow’s Big Reveal of Donald Trump’s Tax Returns

    Stephen Colbert kicked off The Late Show Wednesday with a spoof on Rachel Maddow’s anticlimactic reveal of part of President Donald Trump’s 2005 tax returns. Apparently, Colbert wasn’t impressed by Maddow’s big reveal. “I hold in my hand something very significant,” he said, dressed in Maddow’s signature blazer. “It is a joke, a joke that

    HumorAnthony PerrottaMar 16, 2017
  • Trump’s Second Travel Ban Blocked by Two Courts

    President Donald Trump’s second bite at the travel ban apple has been shot down by two federal judges. U.S. District Judges Theodore Chuang (Maryland, the 4th Circuit) and Derrick Watson (Hawaii, the 9th Circuit) issued rulings that block the implementation of the president’s most recent executive order barring people from six countries from entering the United

    NewsAlyson ChadwickMar 16, 2017
  • U.S. Senate Committee Find “No Evidence” of Trump Tower Wiretapping

    The United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence has released an official statement on President Trumps claims that his offices were tapped before the presidential election in 2016. The committee released a statement that they have found “no evidence” to back up those claims. Both the Republican chairman, Richard Burr (NC) and the ranking member,

    NewsAlyson ChadwickMar 16, 2017
  • Escaped Pet Cobra Terrifies Florida Town

    Ocala, Florida was almost shut down today as people looked for an escaped pet cobra. The pet snake is a monocled cobra who is about two feet long. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC) has sent officials to Ocala to help look for the missing pet. FWC Officer Wayne Hargabus said, “We are actively searching.”

    TrendingAlyson ChadwickMar 16, 2017