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  • When a Visit to the Zoo Goes Hilariously Wrong

    Ah, the zoo. A visit there is always a great opportunity to take a little time out, hang out with family or friends, learn about the wildlife and meet some marvelous creatures. Right?… Well, not so much, if you ask the folks who got into a very… interesting encounter with some curious zoo inhabitants. Well,

    HumorHailee MannesAug 17, 2016
  • This Rainbow Cake Is The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

    Sure, everyone loves some good cake but why do a boring simple one when you can blow your guests away? If you know how to make an ordinary vanilla cake or whatever flavor your heart desires, then it is easy to spice it up! You will need to invest in rectangular chocolate mold trays to make

    How ToCarolyn GuerreroAug 16, 2016
  • These Tasty Southwestern Chicken Cups Will Make You Feel Like a Pro in the Kitchen!

    Tired of making the same old lunches and dinners? Looking for a quick and easy recipe that not only tastes amazing, but also looks great? Then try out these scrumptious southwestern chicken cups! Most of the ingredients are super simple and are probably already in your pantry, so there’s no excuse not to make it!

    How ToCarolyn GuerreroAug 15, 2016
  • These Lemon Flower Tarts Are So Cute And Easy To Make!

    This is the perfect recipe for a spring party! Whether it is a birthday, Mother’s day, or simply a get-together, you will definitely receive a lot of good compliments on these lemon flower tarts! The best part is that they are easy to make and won’t take that long to do. So basically, people will

    How ToCarolyn GuerreroAug 15, 2016
  • English T-Shirts Found in Asia That Clearly Got Lost in Translation

    Do you ever think that Asian people walk around and laugh at people who have tattoos of Chinese/Japanese/Korean characters on them? Like unless you speak the language and know how to write with their symbols, you have no idea if you are having it inked on you properly and can get a little lost in

    HumorIsabelle GarreaudAug 13, 2016
  • These Toy Story Secrets Will Blow Your Mind

    There’s a snake in my boot – and there are a lot of secrets about the iconic animated classic Toy Story that you never knew about! We’ve all seen and love this 1995 Pixar film. From its memorable characters like Woody and Buzz Lightyear to it’s unforgettable lines (“To infinity and beyond!”), Toy Story has

    EntertainmentCarolyn GuerreroAug 12, 2016
  • Son Gives His Parents The Fake Shoelace Challenge

    Jospeh and his partner wanted to find an unusual way to tell his parents they’re having a baby. What they came up with was a shoelace tying challenge, and Joseph’s parents got on board with the seemingly impossible task. Soon after the challenge began, Joseph handed his blindfold parents a pair of “special laced” baby shoes

    LifeElla McMillenAug 11, 2016
  • The Funniest Animal Shenanigans To Make You LOL

    How would you react if while you were lounging at the beach with your friends and some delicious pizza, a giant lizard decided to join in on all the fun? Or if your family dog tried to ferociously attack the air coming out of the tire pump, and would simply not give up? One thing’s for

    HumorElla McMillenAug 11, 2016
  • Here’s Why Twins Are The Most Adorable Thing In The World

    All babies are cute, but when you put two together, and they happen to look exactly the same and do the exact same things together, it’s even cuter. The next video is a compilation of the most darling twins doing the most darling things. We all heard that twins share some kind of a telepathic

    LifeElla McMillenAug 11, 2016
  • Make Your Own Scrumptious American Flag Roll Cake

    Patriotic desserts are perfect for either fourth of July, Veterans day or any other occasion really. Going to a garden party? Making a little something for dinner? Surprise your friends and family with a yummy tribute to your favorite country. To create the patriotic roll cake you will need some food coloring, fresh strawberries and painter’s

    How ToElla McMillenAug 10, 2016
  • Here are 8 Healthy Spices To Add To Your Daily Diet

    A lot of people like to add a dose of spice to their daily meals, to make them more interesting and flavorful. From your ordinary chopped parsley to the more adventurous hot chili, there’s definitely something for everyone in the spice rack. But did you know that some spices hold some serious health benefits, including

    LifeElla McMillenAug 10, 2016
  • The Emotional Story of Sheba, The 3-Legged Dog

    A few years ago, a disheveled looking man entered the local SPCA in Oakland, California, with an injured black dog running beside him. The dog, though in good spirits, had a pretty bad limp and an old, dirty bandage on her left front leg. The man, who seemed to be homeless, told the SPCA workers

    LifeElla McMillenAug 10, 2016