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  • The Biggest And Most Dramatic Political Events That Shaped 2016

    This past year has been an eventful— and trying— one. From the devastating attacks on innocent lives in Aleppo to a failed coup in Turkey, there was never a lack for news. Of course, there was also that little event called the United States Presidential Election that kept plenty of people on their toes. However, those were just a few of the biggest headlines of the year. Take a trip down the rocky memory lane of 2016 with these defining and dramatic political events:

    NewsKallie ProvencherJan 17, 2015
  • What BOB Didn’t Want You to Know About Twin Peaks

    We've all heard the big question: Just who exactly killed Laura Palmer? That was the biggest question on everyone's mind in 1990 when this soon-to-be cult classic premiered on ABC. The show had mystery, drama, suspense, and a whole lot of surrealism involved. It was hugely popular and is still loved today - enough to get a Showtime mini-series in 2017! Whether you're seeing the show for the first time or excited for the revival, here are 20 facts you never knew about Twin Peaks:

    EntertainmentCarolyn GuerreroJan 17, 2015
  • Check Out These Photos of Celebrities Before They Were Famous!

    Big time celebrities can't just walk into public without people recognizing them. I mean, sometimes they go to great lengths to hide their appearance but it doesn't work very often. They probably don't even remember what it was like when their face wasn't known to the world but there used to be a time like that! A time when they were just ordinary people just like us. Take a look at these photographs of famous people before the paparazzi was obsessed with them. Will you recognize them all?

    EntertainmentIsabelle GarreaudJan 14, 2015
  • Out and About: The most stylish 2015 Men’s blazers for any occasion

    Things have drastically changed for men’s wear in the last ten years. We are seeing men becoming more interested in matching, being fitted, and going outside the box versus the over-sized bleak blazer. European and Asian fashion culture has crept into the U.S thanks to globalization. Now the average Joe has the opportunity to express

    StyleThe Direct Expose TeamJan 14, 2015
  • Beyonce’s Pregnancy Styles

    When we hear the name Beyonce, we might as well call “rumors” her middle name. Lately, there has been a rumor circulating on the internet that Beyonce might be having a second child because of a picture she posted. In the Instagram picture below, Beyonce’s belly is covered in sand. However, her belly appears to

    StyleThe Direct Expose TeamJan 14, 2015
  • Tiffany & Co. Jewelry to Feature its First Gay Couple Ad

    Major changes and progress are being made in the fashion world for same-sex couples. As we all know fashion in general does not depict reality but a fantasy. Even in this case they fail to depict current actual relationships in reality. This is a first for the luxury jewelry retailer in their 178 year history.

    TrendingThe Direct Expose TeamJan 13, 2015
  • The Basics

    When you go shopping, you usually tend to not look for anything because you are “leisurely taking a stroll in a store”. But when something catches your eye, you automatically see how amazing it is and how fabulous it would look in your closet. I know not many women think this because I certainly had

    TrendingKimberly SaldanaJan 13, 2015
  • More is Good: Jeremy Scott Moschino Fall/ Winter Men’s 2015 Collection

    We all know Jeremy Scott is chock full of eccentricity and more till you throw-up crazy fashion. This time he definitely took mountain men and fused EDM festival gear together. Scott describes this as “triumphant” mountaineer-type man. Moschino is known to be outlandish, audacious, and bold so as to no one’s surprise it’s very popular

    StyleThe Direct Expose TeamJan 12, 2015
  • Eco-friendly Outfits? Au Naturale Organic Designers

    Who knew being environmentally conscious could be well… chic? Yeah, H&M, Zaras, and Forever21 have cool threads but the pollution from factories to produce our favorite outfits are taking a toll on our planet. Cotton is a very popular and abundant crop but it uses a lot of pesticides which effect the environment greatly. Alternative

    StyleThe Direct Expose TeamJan 12, 2015
  • You’ll Never Believe These Amazing Rare World War II Photos

    World War II is one of the most well-known wars in history and for good reason. It was an unprecedented war that led to many firsts for several countries and had devastating consequences for millions of people around the globe. From 1939 to 1945, two military alliances warred against each other: the Allied Nations (U.S., U.K., Soviet Union, China, etc.) and the Axis Powers (Germany, Japan, Italy). It was the deadliest conflict in the entirety of human history, with several large and tragic events - the Holocaust and the atomic bombings among them - making the death count skyrocket unlike ever before. It was also a period of rapid military and technological innovation, without which we would not be here. Here are 26 amazing photographs from the war you've never seen before:

    LifeCarolyn GuerreroJan 11, 2015
  • You’re That Old: This Is What The World Looked Like in 1997

    It is weird to think that we are so much closer to 2020 than to 2010. You will feel even older once you read about what is turning 20 this year! 1997 was a good year. Our favorite classics premiered that year, TV shows were great, the music industry gave us iconic songs/singers, and it was the beginning of the Harry Potter era. Although we faced some tragedy, we managed to uphold their legacy, even all these years later. Now, let me take you back to the year 1997 and everything that was happening then!

    EntertainmentIsabelle GarreaudJan 10, 2015
  • Is Old the New Young? Apparently in Fashion…

    Let’s face it after the worst economic recession since the great depression, college graduates with no stable jobs, and minimum wages at a standstill… millennials are broke. In the 2000’s fashion designer label were reaching a much younger demographic than ever before in history but now that has all changed. The Fashion industry always had

    StyleThe Direct Expose TeamJan 9, 2015