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  • 10 Celebrity Family Members You Never Knew Existed

    10.  Gemma Styles Harry Styles has to be the coolest brother in the world and we are jealous! But Gemma Styles does not rely on her brother, and has been busy building her own career! She is a fashionista and one of the coolest Brits in the world these days! Gemma Harry Styles from One

    EntertainmentThe Direct Expose TeamMar 23, 2016
  • The Strange But True Saga of Robert Durst

    Robert Durst has become one on the most notorious men in recent American memory. The son of a New York City real estate mogul, Durst is a suspect in the 1982 murder of his first wife, the murder of a neighbor, and the murder of a longtime female friend. After all but confessing to the murders in The Jinx, a six-part HBO documentary all about Durst, the alleged killer was arrested again. For the full story on Durst strange but true life, read on!

    LifeMilos RockerMar 23, 2016
  • What Netflix Is Streaming In April 2017

    People have to wait an entire year for spring to come around, but they only have to wait a month for new movies and TV shows to stream on Netflix. April 2017 looks to be another robust month for Netflix. They'll be debuting a new series executive produced by Charlize Theron. They'll also bring epic blockbusters, like Schindler's List, onto the screens and into the homes of millions. For all of the movies and show coming to a screen near you, read on!

    EntertainmentMilos RockerMar 23, 2016
  • SeaWorld to End Orca Breeding Program: Their Last Generation is Already Here

    If you’re into marine biology at all or interested in learning more about the different animals who live in our oceans, society has created different places for that to become possible. Though there are plenty of aquariums around the country to visit where you can walk around and enjoy looking at the wild animals put

    LifeDana MarvinMar 23, 2016
  • White Sox Player Adam LaRoche Chooses Family Over Career, Opting Out of His $13 million contract

    You know how they say “in baseball, as in life, all the important things happen at home”? Well, White Sox Player Adam LaRoche took it quite literally. Last week, the first baseman announced that he is putting away his glove for good, opting out of his $13 million contract (for the 2016 season) with the Chicago

    EntertainmentIsabelle GarreaudMar 22, 2016
  • These Are Some of the World’s Wealthiest Women

    Ever look at your bank account and want to weep? Not these gals, who are some of the world's top billionaires. Whether through family fortune, remarkable innovation, or enviable hard work, these women boast some of the most enormous fortunes on the planet.

    LifeMelina PapadopoulosMar 22, 2016
  • The No-Holds-Barred OJ Simpson Quiz

    EntertainmentMilos RockerMar 22, 2016
  • The Lowdown on that Western TV Classic ‘The Rifleman’

    The Rifleman was a landmark Western TV show that aired on ABC from 1958 to 1963. The show shined the spotlight on a widower, Lucas McCain, and his son. Living in small, dangerous town in New Mexico, Lucas must keep his son from harm. The show's distinction earned it a dedicated following that continues to this day. For the lowdown on the Rifleman, read on!

    EntertainmentMilos RockerMar 21, 2016
  • IMG Modeling Signs First Plus Size Male Model

    For its entire existence, the modeling world has been all about perfection. Your body from head to toe needs to be perfect in order to make it in this cutthroat business, or you’ll completely get torn apart by the critics and big time people in the business. But as the world is changing, so is

    LifeDana MarvinMar 20, 2016
  • See Who President Obama Chose to Win March Madness!

    For basketball fans all over the county, the month of March means one thing. No, not St. Patricks Day! We’re talking about March Madness! This is a tournament every year that takes place in the month of march, where college basketball teams duke it out for the coveted NCAA Championship title for that year. These

    TrendingDana MarvinMar 20, 2016
  • Love Dogs But Are Allergic? These Dogs Won’t Make You Sneeze!

    One of the saddest things I have ever heard was that my friend was allergic to dogs and not only could she not have one, but she couldn't play with one either! Yet, when people say they are allergic to dogs, they mean they are allergic to their fur, not the dog itself. Fortunately for them, there are many different kinds of dogs and some of them won't make them sneeze! If you are looking for a dog you can bring home without having an allergy attack, check out these adorable dog breeds that you will be able to love!

    LifeIsabelle GarreaudMar 20, 2016