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Oprah Winfrey Explains Controversial Post-Election Tweet

Two days after Donald Trump defeated Democrat opponent Hilary Clinton for the presidential seat, Oprah Winfrey went ahead and tweeted a photo of Barack Obama and Donald Trump together. She captioned the photo in words that seemed to sort of throw shade at the president-elect alongside with the hashtag #HopeLives. This caused a huge uproar and Winfrey was roundly and brutally criticized by Trump supporters.

Oprah explains her tension before and during the elections

Winfrey has recently addressed the issue and explained that the tweet was not meant to be a critique of Trump or any of his policies. In an interview broadcast live on Facebook, Winfrey clarified that the tweet was specifically meant for her as she had found the election period very intense. “I couldn’t breathe after the election” she said. Winfrey went ahead to explain her expectations after the election which she termed as “Tension, awkwardness and strain”. Seeing Trump and Obama together made her feel more relaxed and she decided to take the photo that showed the two together. The headline read that the President-elect was glad to be meeting Obama. “President Obama was amazing and Trump said, “He is good man, I am going to seek his counsel from time to time”.

oprah winfrey

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She explained how this gave her hope and made her feel like she could take it easy for everything was in control. Winfrey admitted to have phrased her tweet in the wrong way, acknowledging the fact that not everybody felt that way about having Trump as President. This was perhaps what infuriated some of the Trump supporters and caused the uproar. “This was a mistake and I know know that I cannot just go around talking about everybody in certain ways”,she said. She went on to say that she could see how her woulds could be flipped around and acknowledged that more thought should have gone into that tweet.

oprah winfrey

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A call for civility

She added that the appropriate hash tag she should have used is #CivilityLives because according to her, the civility of the incident went beyond her expectations. The renowned talk show host has before spoken out against Trump in the past going to the extent of even comparing him to a ‘demagogue’. Winfrey was clear on what her tweet was all about and emphasized on what her intentions were. from the very beginning.

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