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OMG! These Makeup Transformations Are Unbelievable

Makeup is an amazing and highly transformative tool. Knowing how to properly apply makeup is a useful skill to have – it’s not easy to be able to know how to apply makeup well and use it to its full potential. When used to the best of one’s ability, makeup can make anyone look like a complete different person. It’s an art form, just like painting!

It can take quite some time to do well, but the results can be amazing. Here are some truly astounding makeup transformations that can occur:

Dibs on the Lips

This makeup artist uses contouring on a part of her face that we don’t typically think of for this type of application of makeup: the lips. Lips are a part of the face that, when highlighted, can make a person look sexy and stand out among the crowd.



Lip liner accentuates not only the outside of her lip, but also accentuates the shape of her lip for more depth and more definition. The last step in the process is applying a shiny gloss for that nice finishing touch.

Makeup + Hair = A Whole New You

When you apply a whole set of makeup and primp your hair, you can look like a literal new person. Seriously, any person can be transformed into a completely new person just by changing the presentation of a person.

The foundation and facial contouring here gives the face the illusion of a sharper shape and the eye makeup brings out the lashes and makes the eyes pop slightly more. Plus, the curled hair gives the whole look a fancy feel.

Concealer ultimate eraser, goodbye blemishes

Concealer is a magical, amazing tool. It can take anything – ANYTHING – and create a fresh, blank canvas. It can take any face, regardless of what is on it, and make it look as smooth as a baby’s bottom.



When applied carefully, concealer can “conceal” a wide variety of things that are often considered facial impurities (though, let’s be honest, everyone is gorgeous regardless of what’s on their face), such as acne, dark spots, etc.

Concealer + Powder + Eye makeup = the perfect combo

This is sheer proof that makeup can make the worst of skin blemishes disappear behind the layer of concealer and foundation that can easily be applied to the skin. There is no need to freak out when you get even the nastiest of pimples when you know how to work incredibly makeup skills like this!

This lovely lady also shows others how to get a great look with super fair skin, even when it might seem impossible sometimes. With a light pink lipstick, simple eye makeup, and a flawless application to the concealer and foundation, she manages to get a great look for any time of day!

A Change in Makeup, A Change in Hair

This woman looks at lest ten years younger in the photo to the right compared to the photo on the left. It’s amazing what a bit of makeup, some styling to the hair, and a good solid concealer can do these days! She basically looks like a completely different woman!

The stylist took her damaged hair and made it look good as new within such a short amount of time! It doesn’t even look like the same hair in both pictures, but somehow this stylist worked their magic to make it work!

More Makeup, More Hair

Not only does this lovely lady manage to cover up the harsh blemishes covering her face, she gives her hair so much volume! This takes away from the greasy, damaged hair that she has in the photograph on the left, and gives her these bouncy curls that frame her face perfectly!


She takes her scruffy and banged up look on the left to a whole new level, even to the point of reaching a bombshell status in the photo on the right! It amazes me how she somehow managed to blend her foundation perfectly to get this great skin tone throughout her whole face and even blending to match her neck as well!

Seriously, how good can it get??

Is this even the same person in both of these pictures?! It is a complete transformation with this girls amazing skills with a plethora of different makeup types. Those eyebrows went from barely even visable to a thick and luscious brow that will make any makeup guru want to seriously step up her brow game immediately.



Those eye lashes are just so perfect, with that long length and volume that any girl thrives to achieve when it comes to her own makeup on a daily basis. And that pretty pink lipstick that she choose makes her lips look full and beautiful!

Eyeshadow = Glam

Sometimes, you just have to put your neutral pallet of eye shadow to the side and grab your bright and flashy colors for a night out on the town. It’s great to be able to play around with your makeup and create a look that not only matches your outfit, but also manages to bring out the color in your eyes like this particular girl did.



Mixing the bright purple and blue on her eyes was just a great touch to contrast against how tan she managed to make her skin with her foundation. This is definitely a lesson for all of the ladies out there not to be afraid of the colorful eye shadow!

Becoming Bombshell

Every young girl all over the country is dying to be able to transform herself with makeup to look like the photo on the right! Especially with how much acne is an issue for many teens and young adults these days, being able to flawlessly blend your makeup to make them disappear is an amazing skill.



On top of the flawless foundation finish, this beauty managed to get the perfect stroke on her winged eyeliner that will instantly make ladies all over the globe incredibly jealous. Throw in those perfect beachy curls, and she has a look that any young lady would kill for.

 Sexy and you know it

Makeup is an art form, and this woman’s face definitely proves that statement to be true. Her whole transformation from a drab girl with blotchy skins to this bombshell babe is something that basically every girl all over the world wants to be able to accomplish.



This particular gal choose some concealer to get rid of her blemishes, but also more foundation and bronzer to make her look like she just stepped off of the beach with a great tan! Add in her playful addition of colorful purple eye shadow, bright pink blush, and some nude lipstick, she looks absolutely stunning in this transformation!

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