Where you came from ?! Indian Police Officer Praised for Halting Presidential Convoy for Ambulance
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Indian Police Officer Praised After Stopping Presidential Convoy for Ambulance

A police officer in India, named ML Nijalingappa, was praised on Twitter for halting the president’s convoy to let an ambulance pass. This happened when Indian President Pranab Mukherjee was in Bengaluru to inaugurate the area’s Green Line train station.

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Mukherjee’s  convoy was on the way to its destination when an ambulance happened to be en route to a nearby hospital. Nijalingappa saw the ambulance approaching and stopped the president’s convoy to safely allowing the emergency vehicle pass by.

Video of the incident was shared on Twitter many times, causing a stir among those who viewed it. While this may be uncommon on the part of a traffic enforcer, who otherwise would prioritize the President’s convoy, Nijalingappa’s act was a highly praised on Twitter.

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According to mid-bay.com, Deputy Commissioner of Police Abhei Goyal, tweetted that “PSI Sh Nijalingappa is rewarded for deftly allowing the ambulance before the 1st citizen of India.” The post can be seen on the DCP Traffic East Twitter account.

Even Police Commissioner Praveen Sood commented on the Twitter post, saying that “The policeman who took such initiative to be rewarded. Well done!” He added that the act was “not simple as it appears. Situation in field is complicated than it appears. Consequences can be either way!”

Officer Nijalingappa’s actions may not have been a big deal, but according to the same news network, this goes far beyond the simplicity of the act as “Indian police officers are often pressured to give politicians and bureaucrats special treatment at the risk of their careers and livelihoods.”

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The simple gesture of Officer Nijalingappa proves the importance of how the highly-structured Indian society can bend its ways to prioritize more important things. In this case, allowing an ambulance with an emergency to go through far outweighed the societal pressures.

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