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The Obamas Host Lavish Farewell Party at The White House

Last Friday, President Obama and his wife, First Lady Michelle Obama threw an star studded farewell party at the White House. Their final bash as the nation’s first couple drew in a huge crowd of artists, activists, executives, and philanthropists, many of whom especially made the trip to Washington D.C just to bid adieu to the much-loved president and first lady. While no official photos have been released yet from the event, the celeb guests have been found posting selfies, statuses and captions regarding their fun night on Facebook and Twitter. Since cell phones were not permitted inside the event, stars had to upload videos and photos taken from outside the White House.

Obama’s guest list for the farewell bash could easily put any other party on Earth to shame. The elaborate event was attended by a slew of stars who happily sacrificed their plans for the night to bid the much-loved president and his wife, an emotional and memorable goodbye. Attendees gathered at the gala included Bradley Cooper, George Clooney, Amal Clooney, Rita Wilson, Olivia Wilde, Robert De Niro, Jerry Seinfeld, Kelly Rowland, George Lucas, Harvey Weinstein, Lena Dunham, Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, Jordin Sparks, Gwyneth Paltrow, Steve Harvey, Tyler Perry, Tracy Ellis Ross, Gloria Estefan,Usher, Anna Wintour, Solange, Wale, Nick Jonas, Stevie Wonder, Chris Rock, and Jon Hamm, to name a few. Sarah Jessica Parker and Oprah Winfrey were present as well, as were Beyonce and husband, Jay Z. Meryl Steep and Once Upon a Time star, Lana Patrilla reportedly arrived in a cab.

Straight off the plane to the White House…

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The party took place a few hours after Michelle Obama delivered her last speech as first lady. Addressing the 2017 School Counselor of the year, counselors from all across the country, as well the people of America, she gave an endearing talk on the importance of education, as well as the need to lead with hope and courage. Further urging her fellow countrymen to feel empowered and determined, she told them to always believe that they matter and that they belong. She also motivated them to make good use of education and to ensure the country makes unmatched progress in various vocations.

When the squad takes over The White House #squadgoals ????????

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The emotional speech was lauded by cheers, tears and resounding claps that echoed all through the walls of the East Room of White House. Soon after, the farewell bash started and continued till 4 a.m.

Solange and Pharrell reportedly performed at the event. Although there is no official confirmation yet, but if sources are to be believed, President Obama did dominate the dance floor from with Robert De Niro and Usher for company. Solange, Beyonce’s sister described the opportunity of performing at the Obamas’ farewell as the ultimate honor, and also said that she would miss their excellence, grace, and legacy. Weary from dancing and chatting, the guests gorged on chicken and waffles till wee hours of dawn, while the likes of Magic Johnson and Bradley Cooper debated on burning issues beneath the portrait of Abraham Lincoln.

Interestingly, the Obamas are said to have footed the bill for the elaborate extravaganza themselves. With his presidential term drawn to a close and the soiree the last one as president, Obama is now planning to head to Chicago where he is slated to deliver his farewell speech on Tuesday.

The party guests, which collectively formed the majority of Hollywood’s finest, will no doubt steer clear from attending Donald Trump’s inauguration gala on January 20. Reportedly, this event has failed to attract any of big shots that Obama did during both his ceremonies. Since, a majority of Hollywood’s who’s who have already shared their contempt for Trump, the farewell soiree of the Obamas might be the last time they all enter the White House for quite a few years.

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