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Did Obama Use FISA to Tap Trump Campaign? The President Thinks So

President Donald Trump woke up this morning in Florida and took to Twitter. In what has been described as a “Twitter storm,” the Trump claimed that he “just learned” that former President Obama had the phones in Trump Tower “tapped.”

The President Tweeted, “How low has President Obama gone to tapp my phones during the very sacred election process. This is Nixon/Watergate. Bad (or sick) guy!”

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That first tweet was reported at 5:30 am Eastern Standard Time (EST).  It was followed by several other tweets linking the former President to the alleged wiretapping of the Trump campaign headquarters.

The current President offered no proof of these allegations, though some speculate he got the idea from Breitbart, a conservative website that had been run by presidential advisor, Steve Bannon.

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The Focus has Been on the FISA Court

This week Mark Levin outlined the Obama/FISA/Trump connection. He alleged that the Obama administration tried to get at least two FISA warrants. Breitbart summarized his interview.  As a result, the President got the idea that his phones were tapped. FISA stands for the “Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.”   While there has been speculation about what the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was doing to investigate ties between Russia and the Trump campaign, no one has provided any evidence that the campaign offices were bugged.

The FISA warrant process was put in place to protect American citizens from an intrusive government. While there is no evidence that the FISA court granted any warrants, it is also important to note that the President does not have the authority to direct the wiretapping of anyone under FISA rules. Because of this, the main criteria that needs to be met is the investigation needs to be of foreign agents. Consequently, American citizens cannot be the target of these kinds of investigations.

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