Where you came from ?! Trumpcare Has Finally Been Released and No One Likes It
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No One Likes Trumpcare

This week, the White House and the Republicans in Congress, released the American Healthcare Act. Some people have taken to calling the new health bill, “Trumpcare.” While the fate of the new legislation is still uncertain, one thing is very clear; no one seems to like it.

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It was expected that the Democrats were going to object to a bill that is the replacement for President Obama’s signature piece of legislation. The Affordable Care Act (ACA, or “Obamacare) came at no small price to the party. Many people argue that by focusing so early on healthcare, the entire domestic agenda the Obama administration wanted to promote suffered. In terms of substance, the Democrats do not support using tax credits rather than subsidies and think that income should be a more central part in determining what kind of help people get.

Not to be outdone by the Democrats, conservative Republicans are no happier with the new bill. Some call it “Obamacare Light.” Members of the conservative Freedom Caucus in Congress have referred to it the same or they simple call it, “Obamacare 2.0.” They see the tax credits as the same kind of entitlement that was offered to people under Obamacare, they just think it is being given a different name.

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To add another wrinkle to the health care debate, there have been protests all over the country to support the former president’s law. These have been eerily similar to the protests against the ACA that were seen all over the country in 2009. To make the comparison even more apt, the current administration is responding the same way the last one did. Both have been dismissive of the protests calling them “astroturf” and have claimed the protesters were paid.

What happens next? There is always the chance that House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) will get Trumpcare passed in the House of Representatives but without getting help from the Democrats, it is impossible for the bill to reach the 61 votes it will need in the Senate.

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