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Nicolas Cage Holds Back Tears after Speech to US Coast Guard

Even seasoned philanthropists sometimes get emotional. While filming his new movie Between Worlds, Nicolas Cage visited a US Coast Guard training facility in Mobile, Alabama. According to Good News Network, the acclaimed actor wanted to show his appreciation to the volunteers of the recent tropical storm Harvey.


A Passionate Philanthropist

It was reported in the media that Nicolas Cage: “Choked back his emotions delivering a prepared speech to personally thank the brave men and women for their hurricane response efforts.”

Cage, known for his humanitarian efforts, is also a UN Awardee and a passionate philanthropist for various causes, including Parkinson’s disease, Amnesty International, and homelessness. Cage was also involved in fundraising efforts after the devasation of Hurricane Katrina 12 years ago.


After arriving in Mobile, Alabama, the actor gave a heartfelt speech to a small crowd of servicemen and their families. Among the crowd was The US Coast Guard crew which was actively involved in the rescue efforts when Hurricane Harvey hit the state of Texas. Cage, who was holding back his tears by the middle of his speech, began with a touching sentiment: “Through the many search and rescue missions and clearing the way so citizens can evacuate, we see the compassion that our military has for its people.”


A Heartfelt Thank You

Cage then showed further appreciation to the sacrifice made by the Coast Guard during times of hardship: “As a family man myself, I find it hard to imagine having to say goodbye to my family not knowing if I may never see them again.” He ended his statements with a heartfelt thank you: “It is truly an honor to be with you, who put your lives on the line… and I thank you for inviting me to be in the presence of such incredible giant hearts and heroes.”


Hurricane Harvey is one of the biggest storms to hit this year; it cost $75 billion in total losses and displaced 30,000 people.

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