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Man Gets Tattoo as Tribute to Young Soccer Fan Who Died of Cancer

A British soccer fan recently went out of his way to pay tribute to a fellow fan who lost his life. The 42-year-old Newcastle United fan, Lee Laverick, endured 12 hours of pain just to complete a tattoo of six-year-old Bradley Lowery who succumbed to cancer early this month but fought bravely and brought soccer fans in the country together.

Newcastle United

Lee Laverick/Facebook

“What he has achieved in football is amazing, he has brought teams together. He captured the heart of the world and he was only six-years old, he was amazing,” Laverick told Chronicle Live.

The Newcastle United fan said that among his many tattoos, the one dedicated to Bradley and worked on by artist Paul LaVey was the most meaningful.

Newcastle United


“It took 12 hours, it was extremely painful but that’s nothing compared to the pain that little bairn went through,” Laverick said.

The six-year-old super-fan took the soccer world by storm after appearing as a mascot for Team England, which made him an instant hit with fans all over the world.

The boy also built a special friendship with well-known soccer player Jermaine Defoe who spent a lot of time with Lowery during the kid’s difficult ordeal.

Newcastle United


In a long Twitter post about Lowery’s passing, Defoe shared: “Goodbye my friend gonna miss u lots. I feel so blessed God brought u into my life and had some amazing moments with u and for that I’m so grateful. I’ll never forget the way u looked at me wen I met u for the first time, the genuine love in those cute eyes. … Your courage and bravery will continue to inspire me for the rest of my life. You will never know what a difference you made to me as a person. God has you in his arms and I will always carry you in my heart.”

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