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How to Throw an Amazing New Year’s Eve Party on a Budget

It’s not a bright move to start off a new year immersed in debt. That’s why your New Year resolution should be to stay debt-free. However, one special occasion stands in your way towards starting the year with a little extra cash; the New Year’s Eve party.

Planning an amazing New Year’s Eve party can pretty much break the bank if you don’t draw up a well-thought out budget. Take a look at a few New Year’s Eve party ideas that fit your budget:

Don’t go crazy with the invitations

New Year’s Eve party invitations are traditionally supposed to be pretty fancy and glam. Most go by the really expensive well-designed invitation cards.

Although inviting your family and friends through email is a pretty cost effective way, you could add a little bit of touch by purchasing pre-designed invitations from the local craft store and then look for sparkling and festive embellishments that you could incorporate to render the invitation a lot more special.

No need for all new, fancy decorations

Decorations spice up the scenery of any party. If you have thrown a glamorous Christmas party, utilize those Christmas decorations for your New Year’s Eve party, only omitting the green colored decorations.

Everything that glitters will fit this glamorous night, so items like candles, tinsel, holidays lights are great pieces of decorations you can transfer to your new year’s party celebration. Make use of the wine bottles downed during Christmas; they act as great appealing candleholders.

Keep your drinks on a budget

Drinks are essential part of any celebration. To keep your drink selection in tune with your budget, substitute champagne with reasonable sparkling wines that are as good as champagne.

You can also add some great selection of beers, wines, and cocktails. Come up with your own signature cocktails and pre-make a pitcher to ensure the party starts right away with each guest having a drink in hand.

Party foods that won’t break the bank

You can really save up significant cash by keeping off dinner.

Instead, go for hors d’oeuvres such as mini beef skewers, cheese balls, crispy macaroni and pork dumplings, which are easy to prepare, and won’t blow out your budget.

Entertainment and games are a no brainer

Most hire professional DJs to rock their New Year parties. However, professional DJs are pretty expensive. If you have a Smartphone, tablet or laptop, just hook to a speaker and purchase a microphone online.

With that, you have Karaoke at your disposal. Karaoke apps are plenty, and you can download them online in minutes.

Come up with exciting games, for instance, asking your invites to write up their favorite music or food and drop the list in a bowl. Let each guest guess what the other likes. It’s an inexpensive way to get your guests thrilled to the very end.

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