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US Drops ‘Mother of All Bombs’ in Afghanistan, Russia Unveils ‘Father of All Bombs’

US, for the first time in history, dropped the “mother of all bombs” (MOAB) on Islamic State forces in Afghanistan last Thursday, April 13. The biggest non-nuclear bomb in the United States’ arsenal has been unleashed in the Achin district on the eastern side of Afghanistan. The bomb was aimed towards a network of caves and tunnels used by the terrorist group, both as shelter and as passageways in the Nangarhar province.

Afghanistan bombed by US using MOAB


The US government confirmed the use of MOAB and assured that there was no civilian casualty during the attack in Afghanistan. An Afghan National Army official validates the news yet claims that he is not aware of the size of the bomb. He did say however, that the US troops had been using all sorts of armament in their fight against the terrorist group.

Military officials claimed that the strike was conducted by the US in order to lessen the threat faced by both the Afghan and US troops who are sweeping the area. They also aim to cause as much damage as possible to the facilities used by the IS fighters.

The 'Mother of All Bombs' launched at Afghanistan

US Air Force

The MOAB or technically known as GBU-43, is a GPS-guided weapon that weighs around 21,600 pounds. Although it is very powerful, it is considered as a conventional bomb because it does not have the same properties as an atomic or nuclear bomb has. When detonated, the bomb also forms a mushroom-like cloud and sends tremors around its immediate surroundings.

Russia's FOAB vs US' MOAB that was launched at Afghanistan

Asylum Seeker/Youtube

Despite the size and destructive power of the MOAB, Russia is still not impressed as they claim that they have a much bigger bomb. If the US has MOAB, Russia has FOAB or “father of all bombs”, which is almost twice as destructive as its US counterpart. The FOAB is a thermobaric bomb which explodes on top of the target and incinerates everything its blast radius comes in contact with.

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