Where you came from ?! These Pics Prove That Moms Are The Best Humans
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These Pics Prove That Moms Are The Best Humans

Moms will do anything for their kids. It doesn’t matter if the issue is trivial or life-altering, mothers will do it if it means making their kids smile.

Here are 10 moms who make everything better. Whether it is drawing their son’s favorite superhero on the back of his jacket or saving dozens of kids from a burning bus, these 10 photos prove that moms are the best.


Beats Final Boss in Mario For Her Kids


Video games can be hard, especially for kids. However, there’s nothing mothers can’t do, whether it’s beating a Mario boss like this mom or donning the Batman cape like a mom later on this list.


Dress To Impress


Second grade was a great time for this Reddit poster. After seeing her eight-year-old son become obsessed with Sonic the Hedgehog, this mother drew the character on the back of her kid’s jacket.

Needless to say, her son was instantly the king of the cafeteria.




As a kid, slumber parties are beyond amazing. But a Batman-themed slumber party where your mom has made everyone their own bat capes? Why, that’s simply incredible.


Packing A Lunch


Packed lunches from mom are a staple of elementary school – and, for this 34-year-old father of three, a staple of office life, too.

You’re never too old for mom’s packed lunch. Naptime, however, is an entirely different story…


On-Air Nap


Being a working mother can be challenging. This news anchor’s genius solution – letting her son nap behind the news desk – definitely earns her creativity points.


Mom Cuts Hole In Head Cast For Ponytail


Seeing how displeased her daughter was that everyone mistook her for a boy, this mother went the extra step to bring her daughter’s ponytail out of hiding.

This mother’s knack for sensing her kid’s sadness is on point. However, the mother later in this list had a much more delicious solution to childhood melancholy.


Mom Replaces Dog With The Next Best Thing


Going off to college, this son was naturally going to miss his dog. To help ease the pain, his mother printed out a life-sized poster of their dog for the son to take with him.


Garlic Bread Is Always The Answer


Oh, garlic bread. Is there anything you can’t fix? Seeing the power of this fix-all delicacy, this mom immediately brightened her daughter’s mood.

Garlic bread is great, but the fully-knitted Converses later in this list are above and beyond.


Mom Rescues 40 Kids From A Burning Bus


Not all moms are superheroes, but this one certainly is. Smelling smoke on her bus, this mother evacuated 40 preschoolers single-handedly. Though she was hospitalized, no one was injured.


The Comfiest Converses Ever


Shoes can be overpriced. So, when her daughter wanted the latest pair of Converse shoes, this mother did the next best thing: made them herself.

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