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Mom Creates Eye Patches After Losing Her Eye to Cancer

Toni Crews, a 27-year-old mother of two, learned she was suffering from aggressive cancer in her tear gland after doctors found a malignant mass behind her eye. Now she’s creating and selling bejeweled eye patches to help others boost confidence.

eye patches

Tony Crews

“They showed me the MRI and it showed there was a mass behind my eye and the eye was pushed forward slightly,” Crews told KentOnline.

Instead of opting for the tear gland to be removed and going through a course of radiotherapy, Crews decided to have her eye surgically removed since her doctors believed it was the best option for her condition.

“I chose to have my eye removed for the best chance of survival,” Crews said.

Months after the surgery, Crews had to start wearing an eye patch but she found it hard to find patches with interesting designs. Not letting that stop her, she decided to create something out of a plain black eye patch she bought at a local pharmacy.

eye patches

Tony Crews

“We found it quite difficult to find attractive eye patches to wear so I decided to customize my own medical eye patches to help boost my confidence,” Crews shared.

Crews was thrilled to receive positive feedback from others whenever she wore her eye patches embellished with different kinds of crystals and jewels such as rhinestones and Swarovski crystals.

After discussing the topic with her family and a little bit of prodding from her doctors, Crews decided to make her hobby a business, using various social media platforms and Etsy to market her bejeweled eyepatches.

Crews’ designs vary from flowers to famous superhero characters and even Darth Vader.

Considering how her customized eye patches helped her gain confidence and self-esteem, Crews also wanted others in similar situations to experience the same positive transformation.

eye patches

Toni Crews

“My dream is to make a successful business from it, helping people to regain some confidence after surgery, injury or cancer,” Crews said.

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