Where you came from ?! A Mom Was Scolded for Putting This in her Child's School Lunch
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A Mom Was Scolded for Putting This in Her Child’s School Lunch

Over the past five years, school lunches have been refocused toward healthier choices for children, but some schools are making changes that are a bit too extreme. Educators understand that school might be the only place a child learns about nutrition, so if you’re not eating from the cafeteria, you’re given guidelines on what kinds of food are acceptable in the classroom. One Australian mom thought she had followed the lunch rules flawlessly until she received this awful note from her child’s teacher.

The Forbidden Fruit


The mother’s sin? Packing raisins in her child’s backpack. Yes, you read that right. This mother’s idea of a healthy snack was a miniature box of raisins and the school disagreed so strongly, it sent a note home in the child’s backpack.

The Note Went Viral After Being Shared On Facebook


In a closed group, the mother shared the note from the school with some other moms on Facebook and it went viral.

“Please help us to encourage nutritious eating habits in children. Our healthy eating policy asks you to provide healthy and nutritious snacks for your child to eat at kindy,” the note read. “The sultanas (the raisins) packed for your child today are unacceptable at kindy due to its high sugar content.”

The rest of the child’s lunch? A sandwich, two boiled eggs, an orange, and some kiwi fruit. The mother claimed she never packaged anything with refined sugar in her child’s lunch and that the claim was ridiculous. Of course, raisins will have some natural sugar since they’re fruit. Duh.

End Mom Shaming

As you might have guessed, thousands of people took the mom’s side on this one.


Many commented saying they don’t believe schools should have that much control over packed lunches. One response came from a Dietitian named Kathryn Hawkins, who reassured the mother that dried raisins were indeed a healthy choice, saying, “If your child enjoys raisins and feels happy when eating them, then that is a great choice for them. If you’re busy working household and grabbing a box of raisins makes it easier for you, then it is a great choice.”

The verdict is in: this mother does not have to feel guilty nor does she have to explain herself to the school.

We should all put an end to mom shaming, period.

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