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MLB Umpire Saves Woman About to Jump to Her Death

Major League Baseball umpire John Tumpane was just taking his usual route in Pittsburgh, which included walking across the Roberto Clemente Bridge, but Wednesday afternoon was no ordinary day when he prevented a woman from jumping off the bridge by holding on to her with all his might until help came.



The 34-year-old MLB umpire, who spoke on “The Dan Patrick Show” that he was casually crossing the bridge that day when he noticed a woman climbing over the railing of the bridge staring at the deep waters below.

Tumpane immediately run up to the lady and touched her shoulder saying, “Hey, what’s going on?”

The woman casually replied that she just wanted “to get a better view of the city from this side of the bridge.” The umpire knew that it was not true so he instinctively grabbed her arm and told her, “Why don’t we just go grab some lunch? I’ll buy you lunch and talk things out.”


Charles LeClaire/USA TODAY Sports

The woman declined and apparently told him that he didn’t really want to help and that he will eventually forget about her.

Tumpane naturally said that he really wanted to help so he grabbed the woman and mouthed to another pedestrian to call 911. Two more gentlemen came to help him hold on to the lady because she was truly determined to jump off.

Dan Patrick pointed out that it must have been physically difficult holding on to the woman. Tumpane said that “Obviously, your adrenaline is going and I think that you get that inner strength that you never thought you had and especially when you have someone else’s life in your hands.”


Matt Freed/Post-Gazette

On his thoughts about the entire ordeal, Tumpane had this to say: “I think something like this just shows that there’s more meaningful things in life and how precious life is.”

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