Where you came from ?! Man Reunited With Missing Pit Bull After Surviving a Horrific Car Crash
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Man Reunited With Missing Pit Bull After Surviving a Horrific Car Crash

Colorado man Chance Patterson, 22, was wheelchair bound when he was reunited with his pit bull, Izzy. The two were separated after Patterson’s car was hit by a drunk driver on their way home.

pit bull

Diana and Chance Patterson

The accident totally wrecked the car, leaving Patterson with multiple injuries including a broken leg, fractured ribs, a lacerated lung, and broken elbows. According to the media outlet, even when Patterson was suffering from serious injuries, “all he could ask a witness who came over to help was how his dogs were doing.”

Unfortunately, one of Chance’s pet, a German Shepherd named Carlitos did not make it as the accident totally wrecked the hood of the car.

Holly Walthers who works for the Val Doggie Day Spa and Lodging assisted with the reunion of pit bull and dog owner. She mentioned: “When the accident happened, (the pet owner) had no idea she (Izzy) survived.”

pit bull

Patterson Family

Upon seeing Patterson, Izzy showered the crash victim with tons of kisses even though he has a cast on arms and legs.

“It was very heartwarming,” Walthers said. She noted that Patterson drops his pet off at the spa whenever he has to work and picks them up when going home. Both Izzy and Carlitos were regulars at the dog spa.

Walthers mentioned that Carlitos did not make it because he was instantly killed during the impact, but Izzy was able to jump out of the car because of panic and fear. She only suffered from a sprained toe as a result of her drop and was immediately treated by a veterinarian.

pit bull

Patterson Family

The hospital where Patterson was being treated asked the help of the Doggie Day Care to track down the missing dogs. Izzy popped up later in the same spot where the accident happened.  The dog came out and jumped on the spa employee. She “was really happy to see her.” says the news media outlet.

Asked for a comment Walthers said: “His dogs are really his world. We called him and told him (that Izzy was found) and he was relieved and crying.”

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