Where you came from ?! "Miracle Dog" Reunites with Owners after Wildfire Engulfs their Home
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“Miracle Dog” Reunites with Owners after Wildfire Engulfs their Home

The wildfire that recently engulfed parts of Northern California was also the setting for some real miracles. For starters, there’s the tale of a dog named Izzy who magically reappeared out of the ashes of her owners’ ruined property without any injuries whatsoever.


NBC News

Izzy, a Bernese mountain dog, jumped out of her owners’ arms as they were fleeing from their California home on Monday. The family left their Santa Rosa neighborhood around 1a.m., just as the wildfire started to engulf nearby homes.

When interviewed by Inside Edition Jack Weaver said: “When [my mother, Katherine,] opened the car door, Izzy bolted into the darkness, so she was just gone. She screamed for Izzy, but at that point the flames were 30-feet tall, and they jumped in their car and went down the hill. They barely made it out.”

Losing her precious dog was incredibly hard on Katherine. Jack mentioned that she was constantly crying and felt ¨horribly guilty.¨

“It was her life or Izzy’s” Jack Weaver said.


NBC News

To console their mom, Jack and Patrick, his brother-in-law, went back to their home the following morning to look for the dog in the devastation. Although their hopes of finding Izzy alive were faint, the “miracle dog” deified all odds and suddenly came out of nowhere, running towards them.

The precious moment was captured on video as Jack pulled out his camera to record what was left by the devastating wildfire. He recalled: “Izzy came bounding out. I was happy and shocked. When we told my mom she just sat down and cried for like two hours.”

The precious moment in which the  “miracle dog” came out of the rubble has been shared on social media more than 33,000 times.


Jack Weaver

The dog’s refusal to leave the burning property and its magical survival proves that hope could always be found, even amidst such a horrible tragedy.

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