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Met Jose Reyes’ Ex-Mistress Says He Led Double Life

When he was with Christina Sanchez, Jose Reyes was a loving boyfriend. He was even a doting father to their daughter, Liyah. She did not even know that Reyes had gotten married until she read about it in the papers. She is now claiming that she and Liyah were his “road family.” He carried on this way when he played for the New York Mets, Miami Marlins and Toronto Blue Jays.

Jose Reyes

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Sanchez said, “We’d go to restaurants, go to games, go shopping, that was the life I was living. It was a double life, but I wanted him to be a father of our child. I’d go to games, we had everything we wanted, he treated us amazing. Sanchez also said that traveling around the world and going to Disney World with a “private VIP escort” is a lifestyle that Liyah was led to believe she’d always have.” She says Liyah now feels abandoned by Reyes, who has three daughters with his wife, Katherine Ramirez. Sanchez now says that a lot of players on the team carried on this way, having girlfriends on the road and wives and families back at home.

jose reyes

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Sanchez is suing Reyes for more child support

Sanchez refused to name any players in that claim. She also said Reyes’ recent problems on the field stem from the guilt he must be feeling about their six year affair. She is suing him to raise the amount of child support he gives her to $41,000 a month. He currently pays her $11,000 each month.

jose reyes

When the two met in court earlier this month, he asked the judge to impose a gad order on the case. She has cited a budding career in music. She said when she was with Reyes, she had to give that up because he was jealous of her getting any attention.

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