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Donald Trump Reacts to Meryl Streep’s Golden Globe Speech

Meryl Streep decided to let the world know what she really feels on Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards. In her Cecil B. DeMille Award acceptance speech, Streep called out the President-elect for his antics on the campaign trail in a tirade that woke up the ghosts of the just-concluded election cycle. Streep referred to a ‘performance that did its job’ and made people grin from ear to hear. The incident in this case happened where in trying to defend himself, Trump made gestures that seemed to mock a disabled reporter’s actions. The reporter, a veteran at the New York times, had seemed to veer off a story line in a bid to criticize Trump.

meryl streep

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Trump defended himself vigorously at the time, only saying that he was mocking the antics of the journalist and not the act of being disabled. His actiona drew plenty of criticism from around the world, with many denouncing its insensitivity and the sheer lack of decorum from the Republican nominee. However, Trump ended up winning the election, much to the surprise of both his fans and critics worldwide.

Meryl Streep, however, was ready to let the world know how she felt about Trump’s actions. In her Golden Globes speech, the acclaimed actress said that she felt offended by this, and that it struck to the core of her person. She went on to brand it as one of the most undignified acts by someone looking to lead the nation and epitomize the values that make America what it is today. The actress was one of the most vocal supporters of Hilary Clinton, even showing up at the Democratic Convention to support her bid for the presidency. She has also undertaken projects on social issues with First Lady Michelle Obama.

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As can be expected, Trump did respond to Streep’s speech in his usual fashion. Trump said that he had not watched the Globes but that he was not surprised because the actress has always been a liberal progressive as well as a strong supporter of his erstwhile rival. This was all said in an interview before the president-elect headed out to his medium of choice- Twitter- to give his take on an event that had turned viral. He called her one of the most overrated people in Hollywood and slammed the media for showcasing its ‘dishonesty’ once again.

Watch Meryl Streep’s speech below:

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