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Mel B Claims Husband Beats, Sexually Abuses Her

Former Spice Girl Mel B claims ex-husband Stephen Belafonte repeatedly abused, exploited, blackmailed, extorted, and even forced her to have a threesome with other women.

Mel B shows bruises

Mel B’s official Twitter account

On Monday, Mel B got a restraining order,  restricting Belafonte to not be in any way near Mel and her family. Melanie Janine Brown aka Mel B narrates a shocking story of constant abuse she experienced from her estranged husband, which started since 2007.
According to Mel B in an interview with TMZ, Belafonte doesn’t like the idea that she is getting any measure of success. She said, he would choke her, slam her down, and validate that even if she’s achieved something, he is still in charge.  She said that was already been the pattern.

Mel B and her estranged husband

There was also one instance when Belafonte punched her in the face because of an extreme jealousy over Usher, Mel B’s co-judge on X Factor. Mel B also claims that Belafonte impregnated their nanny, and told her that the three of them plus the baby should live under one roof. The child got aborted as per the demand of her estranged husband.
The ‘X Factor’ judge was also forced to have a three-way sex with Belafonte and other women. Mel B said that he records the encounters and collects them. The sex tapes are also used to threaten Mel B if she doesn’t want to follow Belafonte’s demands—that he’d release them if she doesn’t follow to his whims.

Ex husband of Mel B denies allegations


Her estranged husband carries a gun and every time she tries to leave him, Belafonte “threatened me with violence,” the singer narrated.
The two have three children, which are under the restraining order the singer’s lawyers issued on Monday. In addition, the judge also ordered Belafonte to stay away from their house in Hollywood Hills. Belafonte denies the allegations and told The Sun that Mel B’s claims are untrue and baseless.

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