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McDonald’s to Roll Out Home Delivery in January 2017

As if making arguably the most addictive fries in town isn’t hypnotizing enough, McDonald’s has clearly been thinking about your craving for late night munchies and will soon be introducing a home delivery service in select cities in Florida.

home delivery

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The fast food chain will deliver orders from 200 of its restaurants in Miami, Tampa and Orlando for a flat rate of $5 starting this January. Customers will be able to use UberEATS mobile app or website to make orders for anything and, just like Uber’s flagship app, will be able to track the progress of their orders. All customers will need to do is enter their order details, type in their delivery address and browse restaurants online.

home delivery

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The announcement comes little over a year since Taco Bell became one of the first fast food chains to roll out a home delivery service – in which they partnered with DoorDash – and McDonald’s will certainly want to use UberEATS’ growing status to spread out upon the taking up of the idea.

For now neither UberEATS nor McDonald’s have formally announced the details of the deal, but a story on Chicago Tribune notes that the negotiations are in their latter stages and that it’s only a matter of days before the agreement is finalized and made public.

home delivery

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Currently, the company delivers through DoorDash and PostMates – options that have proven too expensive for larger orders compared to UberEATS – and a large fraction of the business is still from drive-thru sales.

If the beta version of the service turns out well at the end of the unspecified test period, rumor has it that the company will be quick to roll it out in other major cities in the USA and international lead markets such as the UK, France, Canada and Australia. Reportedly, the target is to have made the service available in upwards of 20,000 outlets before the end of 2018 and in all McDonald’s 5 years from now. Becca Harry – a McDonald’s spokeswoman – has assured the whole of America that the inviting expansion of the plan is currently solely in the hands of Floridians.

home delivery

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A service that will see customers make orders from their mobile phones may seem like a move by the McDonald’s to finally get with the times but in real sense the company is still lagging far behind its main competitors such as Taco Bell and Domino’s – whose business is now virtually entirely built around in-app and online ordering.

All the same, the 68 million people a day which the service would be accessible to once it goes global is certainly nothing to sniff at.

Will you be using McDonald’s home delivery service? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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