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Actor Mark Wahlberg Isn’t Much of a Belieber

Mark Wahlberg may have invited Justin Beiber over for a homely dinner with family, but that does not mean ol’ Marky Mark wants the “Baby” singer dating his teenage daughter Ella.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show last Friday saw the 45-year old actor open up about the tricky aspects of raising a young child. He initially seemed hesitant to disclose who exactly the dinner guest was for the evening and after further insistence from DeGeneres, he merely said that the concerned person was a Canadian popstar who was also his daughter’s crush.

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While the dad-of-four did not directly name Beiber, he dropped a couple of hints to state that his recent house guest had indeed been the “Never Say Never” singer. Further discussing his daughter’s admiration for the popstar, he said that she has had a strong liking for him for a long time, so much so that she has also bluntly told Wahlberg that she will be marrying the 22-year old hearthrob in the future. In response to her blatant confession, he apparently, told her that she would marry Beiber, but only over his dead body. Being a fiercely protective dad, Wahlberg didn’t shy away from saying that he would not think twice before killing both of them to object their union- even if that meant spending the rest of life in jail.

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On a related note, Wahlberg has already served a sentence in jail for 45 days in year 1988, when he was prosecuted for manhandling a Vietnamese guy while attempting to steal alcohol.

Moving on to discuss about his beloved daughter,Mark Wahlberg said that while Ella is a good girl, she is still a girl and that too at a pretty impressionable age. She has apparently dyed her blond hair blue, and flaunts a fake nose ring. In order to threaten her to keep her impulses in check, the actor has threatened to embarrass her by doing a musical collaboration with her celeb crush, Beiber.

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However, this is not the first time that Wahlberg took to a public forum to affectionately taunt his daughter. Back in September during a promotional event for his movie, Patriots Day, the actor broke into a hilarious rap about how he confiscated her cellphone as a punishment for getting into trouble. Seemingly mortified, Ella then tried to stop her dad by making hand gestures, Wahlberg still didn’t tone down and instead, told her that he was merely delivering positive and encouraging raps to show her the right path.

What do you think about Mark Wahlberg’s reaction to his girl’s crush? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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