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Who’s To Blame For Mariah Carey’s New Year’s Eve Catastrophe?

Live performances are hard to pull off, particularly those conducted outdoors in front of tens of thousands of people. As you’ve probably heard by now, Mariah Carey’s performance on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve didn’t go as planned. The 46-year-old pop diva experienced major audio malfunctions during her live TV performance.

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As the singer took the stage in the last pre-midnight performance, the problems were clear from the start. Malfunctions left Carey at a loss vocally during her song Emotions, struggling to reach her notes. She appeared to recover with her hit song We Belong Together, but there seemed to be another glitch, and the singer stopped singing again. But this time, the pre-recorded song kept playing.

Things got even worse when she transitioned to her third song and she told the crowd that the organizers did not do a proper sound check before her performance. She then went on to say that she will sing despite the malfunctions. Embarrassingly, she was once again extremely off pitch, and seemed to have either forgotten the lyrics or didn’t want to give a poor performance. The singer gave up seconds later and walked off the stage.

Mariah Carey agrees that her New Year’s Eve performance was subpar. After the performance, she sent out a tweet admitting what a mess her New Year’s performance was. ‘Sh*t happens,’ she wrote. As you may expect, Mariah was a top trending subject on Twitter in no time. Some of her fans faulted her performance, while others defended her saying the malfunctions were act of sabotage.

Stella Bulochnikov, Mariah Carey’s spokesperson blamed the train wreck on technical hitches. The diva’s spokesperson said that the producers were aware of malfunctions but didn’t fix them. They instead opted to continue televising Carey’s messy performance in order to get maximum ratings. A sound producer who worked on that event told the Times that the audio equipment were in good working condition.

A Dick Clark Productions spokesperson refuted claims that they had anything to do with the glitch, saying that singer herself had decline to conduct a sound check before taking the stage. The spokesperson further said that there were enough stage monitors to allow the singer hear just fine even without the help of earpieces.

Sources connected with the pop diva, however, said that Carey had complained that her earpieces were not working as they should. The same sources said that the teleprompter were also not working properly. They blame the producer, saying the technical difficulties were acts of sabotage.

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