Where you came from ?! Man Walks for Miles to Find Donor For Wife Who Needs Kidneys
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Man Walks for Miles to Find Donor For Wife Who Needs Kidneys

74-year-old Wayne Winters is all over the news because of his inspiring act of walking for miles every day just to find a donor for his wife who needs kidneys.



The couple had been waiting for two years and the old man was tired of sitting around waiting for the right donor to come along, so he did the best he could to find her one.

Walking with a sandwich board that reads: ‘Need kidney 4 wife’. The old man manages to walk for miles with the hopes of finding the right person who would willingly donate kidneys. Over the weekend though, his prayers were answered as the couple received a call that there is an available donor.

After the news was featured on Fox 13, the couple received a lot of calls from people who would like to help the couple. Winters said: “Between 7-800, it filled my phone up. I’m sitting here with this full phone.”


Mike Anderson/KSL

Good News Network featured the story of Winters, he recalled the moment his wife received encouraging words from a caller that said: “We have a kidney for you, get down here.” He said that he was so overwhelmed at that moment that he didn’t know what to think.

Surprisingly, the donor did not come from those who offered to help, but instead came from a patient who passed away in the hospital. He is more than happy to receive the good news and the hopes of adding more years to their relationship.



He said: “If she can have a good five years that would be awesome. We can have our life back.”

Although his wife already has a donor, Winters’ mission is not yet done. He still walks the streets of Utah encouraging others to donate a kidney to people who are in need.


FOX 13 News

“I will spend more of my days walking with my sign to see how many I can get. Think about it, we could start a kidney revolution. And that would be so great,” Winters said.

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