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Man Converts An Ambulance Into Awesome Mobile Home And Travels The World

Tiny home conversions are incredibly popular on the internet with people turning trailers, vans, and all sorts of interesting things into a mini-home on wheels – we might have found a first though!

This Reddit user might be the first person to have turned an old ambulance into a mobile home. Check out the incredible transformation below!

Lounging In Style

Reddit user ianternational posted on September 26, 2017, that he had been on the hunt for an interesting tiny home conversion project, and he found this awesome ambulance on eBay!

Mobile Home


He threw a ladder on the back and made it so a friend could tag along on any travels and sleep in the rooftop tent. He also built a clever motorcycle rack on the back.

“In total, it cost me about 8k to buy the ambo and convert it plus many many many hours of work,” he shared in his Reddit post.

Room For Friends Of All Species

Ian Dow, the man with the ambulance, wouldn’t dare leave home without his dog, so he made sure to make the interior of the mobile home cozy and as spacious as possible.

Mobile Home


With the right design and construction, he’s able to fit his surfboards, guitar, and a usable kitchen. Wondering where the bathroom is? Dow feels that a bathroom as we know it isn’t exactly necessary…

“I have a propane water heater on demand shower and I sh*t in the woods like a caveman,” he commented. “It’s good for you.”

Next Stop: Costa Rica

After building the mobile ambulance home, Dow set off from his home in Newport Beach, California to Costa Rica.

Mobile Home


He says the trip isn’t doing his resume any favors, but he’s seeing amazing sights and having incredible new experiences every day for the low cost of $700-800 a month.

Why not take a page out of Ian Dow’s book? It doesn’t have to be an ambulance, but see the world in a unique way and don’t wait!

What do you think of Ian’s mobile ambulance home? Let us know in the comments!

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