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Mailman Commended For Donating Incredible Amount of Blood

For the past 34 years, Texas postman Marcos Perez has been a regular at the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center. He has made it a habit to stop in every two weeks to give blood. It was all inspired because he was born prematurely and was told that a blood donation saved his life. He wanted to give back and recently, the amount of his life-saving contribution passed the 100-gallon mark.

blood donation

Perez donates platelets instead of whole blood so he can give more frequently.

“They might live an extra day, a year, a month, who knows. Maybe they will live forever,” Perez told KSDK. “Somebody needs these platelets, and there’s no platelets on the shelf,” he added.

Perez’s 100-gallon blood donation means that he has been instrumental in saving the lives of thousands of people. He is only the fourth blood donor in South Texas to have given that much but he is proud to be the youngest among them.

blood donation

“Don’t cost me a dime, only some time. I’m 57 and I’ve already got 100 gallons! These other people are in their 70’s or 80’s!” Perez said.

Perez still remembers and regularly connects with the person who gave him a chance to live when he was a baby, even though it was 50 years ago.

“When I was growing up, my dad told me a friend of his donated blood for me,” Perez recalled fondly. “His name was Mr. Aguilar. He took the time to donate, so he saved my life.”

Perez was recognized by STBTC for his valuable contribution and despite breaking records, the postman plans on continuing his regular blood donation for as long as he’s able to do so. He also encourages others to follow suit.

blood donation

“If you make time to go eat, you make time to go to the movies, you can make time to come donate. Just make some time. Give from the heart. That’s what it takes. You gotta give from the heart,” Perez urged.

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