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Magician David Blaine Shoots Himself in the Throat in a Magic Trick Gone Wrong

Famous magician and illusionist, David Blaine pulled off yet another risky stunt on Tuesday night- catching a speeding bullet with his mouth. However, during the big moment, Blaine’s protective mouth guard snapped off, as a result of which the broken part went down his throat, injuring the famed illusionist.

david blaine

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The death-defying stunt was featured on ABC special show, Beyond Magic, where Blaine performed the deadly act before a celebrity-crammed audience, including the likes of Drake, John Travolta, Emma Stone, Johnny Depp, and Margot Robbie. In many ways, the major objective of the show was to promote the magician’s forthcoming, first-ever live tour that was slated to occur after almost 20 years of being a celebrated magician. David Blaine’s tricks have always made jaws drop for their inevitable death risks and dangers. That is also why the his fans consider him as the New Age Houdini. But this time, with this latest stunt, Blaine took a step too far to break all limits and amaze his audience.

This dangerous illusion trick has been performed in the past by global luminaries like John Henry Anderson in the early 1800’s, as well as Chung Ling Soo, who unfortunately was killed while catching the bullet in London in year 1918.

david blaine

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As a matter of fact, David Blaine too has attempted, and even succeeded with the bullet catch trick in 2009. Only that time, he had his best friend and assisting magician, Bill Kalush shoot the bullet. This time, however, he wanted to up the difficulty level of the trick by being the person doing the shooting. The major risk involving the stunt was that he would need to tug a string attached to the gun, and it was essential he was calm and relaxed during the entire time. In order to prepare well, he adorned a thin, bulletproof vest, and took a few bullets to his chest. He purposely decided to wear a thin vest as he wanted to feel the impact of the bullet, while adhering to safety concerns.

Blaine also wore a special device in his mouth to catch the bullet and prevent it from piercing his oral cavity. This structure was, in turn, held in place by a mouth guard. Despite intensive preparations and preventive measures, he seemed to miss out on one key aspect of the stunt- the sturdiness of mouth guard. Consequently, just as he caught the bullet in the special structure attached inside his mouth, the supportive mouth guard snapped off, with a torn piece hitting and lacerating the rear side of his throat.

david blaine

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Blaine said he was absolutely sure that he had shot himself in the throat, and that he was dead. The acclaimed illusionist was immediately rushed to the hospital for optimal treatment. The doctor who treated him said that he has suffered a minor cut to his throat, and that his condition is stable now.

Blaine then took to assure his sidekick, who thought that the magic trick went awry due to his fault. Further thanking the show organizers and audience for their good wishes and a memorable evening, he assured his fans that he would try the stunt again on his upcoming live tour, albeit with better preparation and practice.

Watch the failed stunt below:

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