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After More Than a Year, Lost Florida Dog Found in New York

Relay, Rick Moneck’s dog, escaped her dad’s backyard in West Palm Beach, Florida over a year ago and despite intense searching, they were not able to locate her.


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“We went to the gas station, and we figured we’d ask them if they had footage of her walking on the sidewalk, and they did,” Moneck said. “Some guy we saw on camera whistled for the dog to come over and that was the last I had seen her ever.”

Relay is a rescue dog that 18-year-old Moneck had for two years and his disappearance caused the teenager much grief.

“I was devastated,” Moneck said.


Danielle Finkelstein/Newsday via AP

Considering that it has been 18 months since Moneck and his family had seen the dog, they were no longer expecting to find him.

“I never, ever expected — you know, we kind of gave up on it. After this much time had gone by, you just move on with your life,” Moneck shared.

To their surprise, however, they received a call last week, informing them that a woman found a dog whose microchip was traced to Moneck’s family in Florida.


Palm Beach Post

Moneck found it hard to believe the news initially, considering the circumstances.

“I thought it was a scam at first,” Moneck said. “I thought, ‘Why would my dog be up in New York?’ I thought it was far-fetched.”

All traces of doubt vanished, however, after the rescue organization sent Moneck a photo of Relay.

“I was really shocked. I doubt she walked all the way up there. Whoever took her brought the dog to a shelter,” said Moneck.

It is still unclear how Relay ended up in New York. Moneck, however, is just happy that he and Relay will soon be reunited.



“I’d never thought I’d see the dog again. And now she’s coming back to me and I feel really happy,” Moneck quipped.

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