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A Few Simple Fashion Choices To Make You Look Taller

No one wants to be short. Those who were born that way never asked to be short, but instead of wallowing in self pity they can use this useful tips to make people see them as a little taller than they actually are. These tips are also used by most celebrities and style icons. Check them out!

High Heels Are Your Friends

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This tip is not just for the girls alone, because some companies make shoes that make shorter men look like they are 2 – 5 inches taller than they really are. These shoes have soles with hidden platform in them, giving you an invisible boost.

It doesn’t really matter who wears them, high heels will make a very big difference to your height. They don’t necessarily have to be very expensive and they shouldn’t be so high to the point you start feeling and looking awkward when you walk or stand in them. One thing’s for sure, though- they are a great tool in making your dream of looking taller than you are come true.

Match Legwear With Shoes For A Long, Lean Look

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If you wear legwear and shoes that are of the same color, the linear and longer look it passes across will give others the illusion of you being taller and longer. When you are out shopping for clothes, look out for your favorite legwear and combine them with matching footwear. For instance, If you are wearing a grey pair of shoes, compliment them with a matching grey pair of pants.

You do not necessarily need to create a hole in your pocket to get this fashion trick accomplished, just take your time and find something nice and yet affordable.

Dress In One Color

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Dressing up entirely in one color is another way of taking the tip above a little further. To get this goal accomplished, darker colors like navy, dark grey or black are a good way to start. Matching a shirt and pants with different textures, but similar in color, will make your body look longer. Matching shoes are a great way to complete the illusion of a few extra inches.

Hooray For Vertical Lines

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You can find lots of clothes with vertical lines on them, for both men and women. When you wear clothes with vertical lines rather than horizontal lines, they tend to portray the person wearing them as taller than they actually are. Vertical lines have a way of making the eye look upwards rather than across the body. This kind of clothes could both informal and formal. It all depends on the impression you want to make.

Use these useful fashion tips in your own everyday life, and make yourself look and feel taller and more confident!


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