Where you came from ?! What This Man Found in His Home Offered a Chilling Look into the Future
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What This Man Found in His Home Offered a Chilling Look into the Future

You never know what treasures lie right in your backyard—or, in Sasha Ilic’s case, his bathroom walls. What this man found while renovating his home shocked him as it took him on a journey to the not-so-distant past, to the future, and then back to the present again. So, what exactly was awaiting him in his bathroom walls? And what did this strange find say about the current state of our world? Read on to learn more.

1. A House Like Any Other

From the outside, Sasha Ilic’s home, situated in the Sydney suburb of Rozelle, does not look much different than those surrounding it. It is a cozy bungalow surrounded by others similar in size and shape.

Daily Mail

Still, this particular house proved to be much different than the rest. It all started when Ilic was renovating his house and stumbled upon a strange plastic package tucked away in a strange place.

2. Discovery in the Bathroom?

Sasha Ilic decided that his house needed a bit of work and began to do a series of renovations in different parts of the house. He did not expect to find much more than some lingering grime and grout–that is, until he tackled his bathroom.


Just like the rest of the house, the bathroom was nothing fancy. Its brick walls were white, with some blemishes from age flecked here and there. The whole place was definitely in need of a little facelift, though. So he got to work knocking down a wall, behind which he made a surprising discovery.

3. Behind the Walls

Piece by piece, Ilic dismantled his bathroom’s walls. The job was supposed to be relatively quick–under normal circumstances of course. But Ilic was stopped in his tracks when he made his great discovery. It was even neatly labeled: “Time Capsual (sic). Deposited 21st July 1969.”

Daily Mail

Whoever hid the treasure Ilic discovered wanted it to remain safe from tampering, either by humans or by the elements, until the right time. Not only was it hidden in such an unlikely place–behind the walls of the bathroom!–but it was also wrapped securely in plastic. When Ilic unwrapped it, it became clear what its original owner wanted to protect.

4. Three Mysterious Pages

Once Ilic got a better look at the papers, he realized it was more than just a hasty note left to be forgotten. What was written (or in this case, typed) on the paper seemed deliberate and went on for three whole pages. So what exactly did the letter say?


The letter described life at the time for the former owner of the house and even more surprisingly, it made predictions for the future as well. Strangely enough, some of the things he predicted in 1995 have already started to come true.

5. A Friendly Greeting

So, how did the letter begin? It was actually pretty straightforward, welcoming even, explaining clearly the letter writer’s intent. No cryptic messages here just yet. Apparently, the letter was not written in 1969, but rather in 1995.


It began the way any informal letter to an unnamed person might begin: “Hello whoever you are.” Just as one might expect a letter tucked behind a wall to begin: addressed to no one in particular but to anyone who is willing to listen.

6. Signed, Greg Wilkinson

Who was this mysterious writer? Did he or she leave anything behind to reveal who he was? As it turned out, the writer identified himself with pride as a person named Greg Wilkinson. He wanted the person who discovered his note to be able to call him by name–like a friend, or at least a distant pen pal.

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He even ended the letter with a hearty “Cheers!” But the letter contained something much more fascinating than just a recap of what life was like when he hid this time capsule. Did it reveal anything else about the writer or the world in which he was living at the time?

7. The Warm Introduction

Just as the writer was not afraid to identify himself for his faithful reader, he was not shy about talking about his life either. Greg Wilkinson went on to provide a glimpse into his life at the time and also his predictions for the years to come.

Smegs07/Public domain/Wikimedia Commons

According to the letter, Greg decided to hide the letter on a whim. It was Easter Sunday at the time of the writing, but the weather certainly did not show it. At the time, it was pouring rain. As a result, he thought it a good time to renovate the home–just as Ilic was doing at the time.

8. A Lovely Wife

Despite the friendly tone of the letter, Greg did not reveal too much information about himself. He did, however, thoroughly describe his wife, the life they shared together, and their life in Australia.

The Sun

His wife was named Roslyn Green and he provided a picture of the two of them on their wedding day, pictured above. Additionally, he described the occasion briefly, portraying a beautiful, picturesque day in the African nation of Zimbabwe. At the time of the letter, Roslyn was pregnant with a baby boy.

9. Their New Home

Greg Wilkinson described his house, which he and his wife had purchased in 1987. The price was a steal at the time and would even today be considered quite the bargain: $170,000. They were ready to begin their life anew together, there in that quiet suburban home.


Of course, there was a catch in purchasing such a home for so little. It needed a lot of work, Wilkinson wrote in his letter. Very few people would consider the place a home, at least in the state it was in when they purchased it. But they put in a lot of work and made it comfortable.

 11. Driving in ’95

Greg Wilkinson managed to paint a fairly vivid picture of what life was like for him in the year 1995. He went as far as to describe the car he drove and the conveniences with which technological advancements endowed the world.


Greg said that he drove an “Isuzu Trooper Diesel 3.2 litre 4 Wheel Drive.” Such a car is relatively bulky and uses up quite a bit of gas, which he acknowledged in his letter. He described the way of the world in 1995: how they used “unleaded fuel,” which even then was known to be detrimental to the environment. Wilkinson dreams of a world in which this type of fuel has been rendered obsolete.

12. State-of-the-Art Technology

As mentioned previously, Wilkinson provided much information about the state of technology in the year 1995. Of course, he expected his time capsule to be found much later, and therefore described his technological conveniences in great detail.


At the time, computers were becoming more prevalent. He explained that at the time of writing, he used a “486 laptop with 8 mb 240 RAM Hard Drive.” He even went as far as to describe how he was using the revolutionary program we all know too well today: Microsoft Word (for Windows V5.0 in his case). Next, he marveled at another big advancement: the internet.

13. Internet in its Infancy

Wilkinson went on to describe one of the greatest sensations of 1995: the World Wide Web. The tone of the letter suggests that he was more amused by the hype surrounding it, rather than by the Internet itself. He reveled in the newness of it briefly and mentioned how everyone was clamoring to try it for themselves.

Business Insider

He poked fun at a common phrase at the time: “The big deal at the moment is the Internet,” he wrote. “This is just exploding and every man and his dog wants to ‘surf’ the Internet. Please tell me this expression has now died.”

14. One Last Detailed Portrait of 1995

But Wilkinson did not end his description of 1995 with laments and musings about the year’s technology. He also offered some insight on how such technology was shaping the world at that very moment, at a point in time that now seems almost primitive to us.


One of his major illustrations was the world of sports, particularly those in Australia. Cable television was becoming much more popular at the time and was on the cusp of offering a whole new way of viewing games. He noted that the “Information Super Highway” was no longer some sci-fi fantasy, but a reality that was only becoming more prevalent. Soon his tone turned to a whole new subject: predictions of the future.

15. Turning to the Future

Wilkinson, of course, did not just write this letter to provide people of the future a glimpse into his life in 1995. He also wanted to provide predictions about what he believed the years to come had in store.


This, of course, went beyond the newfangled technologies mentioned earlier. Wilkinson went as far to imagine the political, environmental, and social climate of a world not even familiar to him yet. In essence, he peered into the future and saw a haze, but from that haze pieced together predictions that were fairly accurate.

16.  Holy War

As fun and quirky as Wilkinson’s letter appeared at first, its tone quickly turned darker as he spoke of what the future might bring. His focus turned to international affairs. Among Wilkinson’s most pointed predictions? His belief that Islam would soon have a firm grip on the world, fragmenting society further into an “Us versus Them” affair.

Protest in Sydney, news.com.au

Perhaps most startling, he predicted a “ridiculous holy war” in which two distinctly different sides feuded endlessly over something that was wholly pointless, in his view. If this sounds familiar to you, you are not alone. Many observers quickly caught on to the type of event that Wilkinson was describing.

17. A Prediction Sadly Comes True

Just six years after his letter was written, the world would see the horrors brought on by 9/11. And while that day itself has become something of dreadful memory for both Americans and those abroad, it is what the event meant to the world that makes Wilkinson’s prediction particularly chilling.

Business Insider

From 2001 to this day, people fear the darker side of Islam, especially as exemplified by the rise of Islamic State and its attacks around the world. He managed to accurately predict the endless conflict still raging in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan–just the kind of constant moral tug-of-war Wilkinson had warned his unknown reader of.

18. Superpower of the World

Another prediction that got many readers’ immediate attention was Wilkinson’s thoughts on the future economic and political dynamics of the world. He predicted that it would not take long for a certain country to rise to power, becoming quickly  arguably the “superpower of the world.” And again, his prediction was not far from reality.

Karl Oppolzer/Wikimedia Commons

Wilkinson stated in his letter that he had a feeling that China would soon have an impregnable hold on the world economy. Its major trade partner would be the United States. Of course, this would mean that the nation of China would have to undergo some social changes itself–which is exactly what Wilkinson envisioned.

19. A Future China

Wilkinson believed fully that China would be a very different nation in 50-80 years than it had been in 1995. He envisioned that the mega nation, whose population has since climbed to 1.379 billion, will only grow more confident and brazen as its global influence increases. Wilkinson even went as far to say that Australia could be in peril at such a point.

Beyond the Chart

His solution? To tread not only with caution, but also with compassion and understanding. He proposed that his country embrace the Chinese language and open up its country for future immigrants without the cold shoulders. After all, as far as Wilkinson was concerned, there is only so much to do when one nation looms over you. You can fight–which he firmly believed would be a dire mistake–or behave diplomatically.

20. Social Awareness in the Future

Wilkinson admitted early in his letter than unleaded fuel was not a sustainable means of energy. He hoped to see a future in which entire nations are much more environmentally conscious. But Wilkinson had even more environmental and social concerns to address in his lengthy letter.


He was embarrassed to admit how money-focused the world was in the year 1995. The family unit often came apart at the seams, according to him. Families toiled endlessly, day after day, to prove that they had “it”–that is, whatever flashy status symbol reigned at the time. Children seldom spent uninterrupted time with their parents, he observed.

21. Environment and AIDS Crisis

Moreover, Wilkinson lamented how the world at the time was slowly being stripped of its resources, all in the name of greed and economic progress and strength–a trend that has not quite changed even today. He explained how it is often believed that the blame falls largely on the shoulders of his generation.


Wilkinson also had something to say about the AIDS epidemic at the time. He remarked how he kept watching as entire populations succumbed to the disease–some in the first world, but most in developing nations. With this observation in mind, Wilkinson proposed that this epidemic would only continue to swell and as a result swallow up large portions of the Third World. He even posed a rhetorical question for his future reader. “Has [AIDS] done so yet?”

22. Prices From a Bygone Era

Another interesting glimpse into the past Wilkinson provided was the prices of popular items at the time. For instance, $1.25 back then could get one a pint of milk. A splurge of $24.95 meant a nice case of beer (24 pack). If you wanted the Sunday paper, $1.20 could fetch you that with ease.


From that information, Wilkinson called for his reader to compare those prices to the typical prices of such items today. As is the case in most places, those items are now much more expensive. Although he provided some interesting insights, not all of his musings were correct.

23. When Predictions Miss the Mark

While Greg Wilkinson might have had a mysteriously keen eye for the future, not all his predictions were just right. Some proved to be inaccurate to some degree. Most of these predictions concerned politics, mainly the future political climate of his own country, Australia.


For instance, he saw Paul Keating, who was the 24th Prime Minister of Australia, to be a significant leader for years to come. However, he ended up serving just one more year after Wilkinson’s letter was written, for a total of five years in office. John Howard took his place and remained in office for a lengthy nine years.

24. The Future of Australia

Wilkinson’s letter showed a certain pride for his country and even expressed some optimistic sentiments for the future of Australia. Furthermore, he said that it will always be “an envy of the world” and that people will always be quick to admire the country’s quality of life, peaceful society, and pace of life.

Onya Magazine

He believed this, wholeheartedly, “no matter what happens,” as he had eloquently put it. He cherished the diversity of his country and wished it years of prosperity and unity. As it turned out, his intention was not to scare anyone or to make people doubt the good of humanity.


25. Apology for a Bleak Future

Wilkinson said that he did not intend to create some dystopian society in which everyone is against each other and the world is completely cold and war-torn. Rather, he simply wanted to share his thoughts with someone.


In fact, the society Wilkinson envisioned was much more altruistic and family oriented. He believed that people would look out for one another more in the future, unfazed by most material things. It would not matter who earned the most money or boasted the largest house, just how much and what each person could contribute to society. As for Wilkinson then, he proclaimed that he and his wife were cherishing life wholly.

26. Greg’s Personal Plans and Predictions

Greg Wilkinson mentioned how he and his wife were expecting a baby boy. They also had their own distinct predictions of when that lucky reader would stumble upon the letter. While Greg did not think his letter would be found until 2060, Roslyn believed that it would be found around 2020.


As it turned out, his wife was only off by three years. Whatever would happen to the couple in the years to come, there was one thing that he boasted of in his letter: they were “having a ball.”

27. Taken to Facebook

Fast forward 22 years, and the world was much different than Greg Wilkinson might have ever imagined. As soon as the letters were found by the current homeowner, Sasha Ilic, he immediately did what many do nowadays: He posted about it on social media.


His quickly wrote a post about the fascinating letter on Facebook, eager to get the opinions of friends and strangers alike. It quickly gained attention. Before long, Greg Wilkinson’s perspective of the world was making global headlines.

28. Astonished By His Accuracy

Naturally, there were many responses to Greg Wilkinson’s letter and the many predictions he provided. Some people were totally incredulous. Others found the musings fascinating but still took each one with a grain of salt. Even more agreed that Wilkinson was eerily correct about many points.

Business Insider

Many praised him for such pointed and accurate insights. One commenter remarked just how “on the money” Wilkinson really was. Another even joked that Wilkinson ought to fork over the winning lottery numbers. All in all, the letter brought many people together to discuss the state of the world today and to speculate how well Wilkinson’s predictions will hold up in the years to come.

29. Nostalgia for the ’90s

Some readers and commenters found a certain nostalgic feel to the letter. They reminisced over the year of 1995 and how so much has changed, marveled at how accurately and vividly Wilkinson captured the year, as though the sunny lens of a disposable camera.


One commenter, who went by the name of Trent Schaffer, noted that he was still a baby at the time Wilkinson typed up his letter. He was fascinated to learn what the world was like when he was too young to remember much of it himself.

30. Where is Greg Today?

Of course, as people perused Greg Wilkinson’s letter and fell in love with the guy that came through each word, they wanted to know more about the guy. Where was he today? Was he even still alive? Did he still believe many of the things he had written over 20 years ago?


Fortunately for his curious fans, Greg Wilkinson is alive and well. He is now 61 and is enjoying life with the same fervor that overflowed from his letter. In fact, when he learned that his letter had surfaced on the Internet, he was traveling at the time in Croatia.

31. Letter Exposed: His Reaction

Greg Wilkinson said that he was not sure how to feel when he first learned that this very personal letter was now floating around in the great abyss of information he had wondered about in 1995. Briefly, he felt violated, as though someone had leaned in a little too close to eavesdrop on an intimate conversation between him and a friend.


Since then, though, he has grown more amused than anything. He has come forward to say that he is humbled by the responses his words have garnered. The man behind that marvelous time capsule was ready to step before the world.

32.  Touched by the Response

Although he felt so exposed upon seeing the letter out in the open for everyone to see, Greg Wilkinson now feels somewhat touched about the whole thing. For him, it stirred up memories of the past, some sun-dappled, others somewhere in the shadows.


“I feel quiet emotional having seen it,” Greg Wilkinson said. He went on with a quiet musing of sorts, one that would have tied up his humble but resolute letter so neatly: “All that water under the bridge for me and the world.”

33. A Nod to His Wife

Greg Wilkinson clearly loved his wife Roslyn very deeply, and they planned to raise a wonderful and compassionate son. Sadly, however, Roselyn passed away from cancer, two years after giving birth. This fact was learned soon after the letter went viral.


Still, Wilkinson holds his head high. He even remarked how he imagines that his wife is still with him in spirit as the years go by. According to him, seeing the letter felt like looking directly at his wife from the past.

34. Personal Thanks

Apparently, Greg Wilkinson really is as affable and as full of personality as he comes across in his three-page letter. He read many of the responses to his predictions and musings and has been grateful for many of them. After 22 long years, his voice has been heard: not just by one curious reader, but by people around the world.


Indeed, Wilkinson felt as though he had the whole world on his side. He said in response to the overwhelming positivity: “What a hoot. You have all been so kind and complimentary.”

35. Greg Wilkinson Today

As mentioned previously, Greg Wilkinson seems to still be “having a ball,” as he had said in his letter, just the same as in 1995, even though his life may have been much different back then with his wife at his side.


He will likely still flash his characteristic smile and share his wonderful humor with those around him. As for what the future holds now? He’s holding off on making any more prediction for the time being.

10. Way Back to 1995

Greg Wilkinson noted that the date on which he wrote the letter was Easter Sunday, on the April 15, 1995. But what Wilkinson had to offer was something greater than any old time capsule. It turned out to be more on the level of Nostradamus.


As indicated in the letter, Wilkinson did not expect those bathroom walls to be exposed for many years to come, rather expecting the letter to be found from 50 to 80 years later. The unveiling occurred somewhat sooner but nonetheless, what Wilkinson shared was quite illuminating.

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