Where you came from ?! This Little Girl Thought It Was Just A Headache, Turns Out Much Worse
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This Little Girl Thought It Was Just A Headache. Now, Her Family Needs Our Help

No one deserves to suffer, but it’s even more difficult to take when it’s a child.

Rylee Bernosky was enjoying a normal childhood just like most little girls, but when the doctors discovered something wrong in her head, everything changed.


Just A Sweet Little Girl

Rylee’s family say that she was a kind little girl that loved playing with her dolls and being outside as much as possible.

Her life flipped upside down when she started to complain of a headache that wouldn’t go away and some general lethargy.

After being rushed to the emergency room, it was discovered that Rylee had a brain tumor and had to have surgery immediately.

Life Will Never Be The Same

The surgery to remove the tumor, called a Medulloblastoma, on her brain stem was a success, but she would require on-going treatment and had to have a port installed in her head so that she could receive regular medications.

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“Rylee has a long road to recovery and will need chemotherapy and radiation treatments,” her mom shared. “This is a lot for a five-year-old little girl to have to go through and she needs her Daddy by her side, which is where he’s been and will continue to be, with your help.”

Rylee’s journey has only just begun, and she needs lots of help to keep going.

The Family Needs Help

The Bernosky family know that Rylee will need lots of expensive treatments and stays in the hospital going forward, but they can’t afford it all on their own.

“[Rylee’s dad] is self-employed and unable to work so that he can be there for his daughter,” her mom said. “Upon being released from the hospital, Rylee will need continuous care so that she can continue to receive treatment and your help is greatly needed.”

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The family has started a GoFundMe campaign with the hopes that people will help Rylee get the treatment she deserves while allowing the parents to spend as much time with her as possible.

A sweet little girl needs help, and no matter if you can help monetarily or not, make sure to keep Rylee in your thoughts and prayers!

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