Where you came from ?! Five-Year-Old Saves Little Brother from Choking Thanks to First Aid Class
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Five-Year-Old Saves Little Brother from Choking Thanks to First Aid Class

When 3-year-old Stanley Bevans suddenly choked on a meatball, his 5-year-old brother, Oliver came to his aid by slapping him on the back until the meatball came out. The act may be easily dismissed by Oliver but little does he know that what he did actually save the life of his younger brother — and it’s thanks to a simple first aid class the little boy took at school just days before.



“He choked on a meatball first and then I smacked him on the back three times, the meatball came out and then he was better. Then he had some Calpol and he had some juice,” shared Oliver in an interview with BBC News.

The boys were at their grandmother’s house when the incident happened. Apparently, their grandmother had just stepped out for a bit and when she returned, Oliver told her all about the incident.

While it may have been a brotherly instinct that prompt Oliver to do what he did, it was also fortunate that the toddler learned about first aid in school a week before the accidental choking.



His mother and the rest of the family believe that Oliver is a hero for saving Stanley.

“I don’t think he’ll ever realize what he has done for his brother. I hope, obviously, in a year’s time we’ll keep telling him what he’s done but you don’t think a five-year-old could be as calm and collected and do that,” said the toddlers’ mother.

Oliver’s action supports a study published in the Scandinavian Journal of Trauma, Resuscitation and Emergency Medicine in 2011 about the “Effects of First Aid Training in the Kindergarten”, which revealed that “first aid training of 4-5-year old children in the kindergarten is feasible and leads to increased knowledge, skills and most important motivation to provide first aid.”



The first aid training that Oliver learned in school definitely helped him to stay calm, focused, and collected during a supposedly panic-inducing situation.

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