Where you came from ?! Letter Found in Titanic Wreckage Now Priced at $166,000 at Auction
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Letter Found in Titanic Wreckage Now Priced at $166,000 at British Auction

A day before the Titanic sank, a man named Alexander Oskar Holverson wrote a letter to his mom. Although the letter never got to his mother, it did manage to get into an auction where it fetched more than a hundred thousand dollars from an undisclosed bidder.



British auction house Henry Aldridge & Son expected that the item would fetch a lot of money, but it turns out that it was double the amount they were expecting. Initially the auction house thought that it would sell for around £60,000 or more, but it ended up being sold for a whopping £120,000 or roughly about $166,000.

The item contained some of the passenger’s impression about the ship, which was thought to have been unsinkable.

In his letter, Holverson, who was a salesman from Minnesota, said that the ship was “a giant in size and fitted up like a palatial hotel.”

He also wrote “the food and drink is excellent.”


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Also mentioned in the paper was another passenger who is said to have been one of the richest men in the country during that period. “John Jacob Astor is on this ship” wrote Holverson. “He looks like any other human being even though he has millions of money. They sit out on deck with the rest of us.”

One of the most intriguing lines found on the letter was that Holverson never had an idea of what’s to come. He wrote “If all goes well we will arrive in New York Wednesday A.M.” which, as we all know never did come.

Holverson was one of the casualties the night after he had written the letter although his wife did survive the tragedy. The letter was one of the last known to have survived the sinking of the Titanic.



Henry Aldridge & Son auction house also said that the letter was “the most important letter we have ever auctioned.”

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