Where you came from ?! You'll Think These Pics Are Fake, But Trust Me, They're 100% Legit
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You’ll Think These Pics Are Fake, But Trust Me, They’re 100% Legit

Now that we’ve enjoyed the internet for several decades, the majority of us understand that plenty of the “shocking” stuff we see is in fact altered. We’ve gotten good at telling whether pics are completely Photoshopped or a story doesn’t quite add up.

These photos, however, are 100% real. Enjoy!


The Very Rare White Moose


What a cute (but gigantic) creature! This isn’t a case of albinism. White moose are simply born with a recessive gene that produces a coloring at the opposite end of the spectrum.


Airflow And Physics, Visualized


This airplane passenger shared a photo on Reddit that captured the aerodynamics of a jet airliner. Looks just like the diagrams that we saw in science textbooks, no?


Abnormal Normalcy


This Reddit user shared a photo of their alarmingly straight thumb. “It’s disturbing and I don’t like it,” replied one user.

“That’s not a thumb,” replied another. “It’s a second index finger.”


The Gang’s All Here


Exactly who is lucky and well-connected enough to snag a selfie with not one, nor two, but the three most recent United States presidents? Professional golfer Phil Mickelson, that’s who.


One Crabby Recycler


When you’re a hermit crab on the hunt for a shell, well, you can’t always get what you want. Hopefully, this crustacean found a better home.


Meant To Be Since Birth


One Reddit user and her boyfriend have exactly the same sized freckle on each of their pinkies. If that’s not cosmic proof of being soulmates, then I don’t know what is.


Is That You, Patrick?


This starfish looks astonishingly humanlike as it rests in this peculiar position. This is the kind of photo theme that makes for a great Instagram account…


When Projectiles Collide


This World War I-era pair of bullets collided with one another. Surely this sets some sort of new record in terms of probability and physics.


Napping In The Open


Foxes are usually so secretive and sneaky that it’s crazy to see a young kit asleep in such an open area. It’s such an adorable little thing!


The Football Sized Lemon


This Reddit user has a citrus tree in their yard that produced this monstrously large fruit. You could play catch with it… or, you know, use it as food.

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