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This Artist Reinvents World Leaders As Hipsters, And It’s So Trendy It Hurts

It’s kind of hard to find any humor in international politics these days. That’s why we’re sharing the art of Amit Shimoni, an illustrator from Tel Aviv, Israel. Shimoni’s work has gone viral, especially his brilliant renditions of the most notorious world leaders – reimagined as hipsters.


Bored Panda

The HIPSTORY series is mind-boggling, in the best possible way. Check out these trendy leaders for yourself!


The Queen Is Festival-Ready

Bored Panda

Doesn’t the floral crown look quite ravishing? Queen Elizabeth II is known for her enchanting collection of hats, so this hipster version of her usual accessory is so fitting!


Nelson Mandela’s Hipster Persona Speaks Volumes

Bored Panda

This philanthropist was ahead of his time, and so is this hairstyle! The former president of South Africa knows how to rock some accessories, and that jacket completes his fashion-forward ensemble.


This Former First Lady Is Looking Edgy

Bored Panda

Hillary Clinton is never afraid to speak what’s on her mind, and this purple ombre hairstyle is anything but quiet. Her bold lip and dramatic eyeliner complete the look. When it comes to style, I’m most definitely with her!


Einstein Redefined Himself — And The World Of Physics

Bored Panda

Albert Einstein’s body art obviously embodies the sophisticated genius of the man himself. His most famous equation has literally never looked so cool. It definitely beats an inspirational quote tattoo!


This Princess Couldn’t Be More Perfect

Bored Panda

Princess Diana was known as a fashion-forward royal, and her hipster character does not disappoint. The late princess was quoted as saying “I don’t go by the rule book,” and this edgy portrayal matches that spirit!


His Updated Look Is Literally A Hipster’s Dream

Bored Panda

Martin Luther King, Jr. was all about keeping things calm and collected, and this outfit just brings it all together. He’s definitely dreaming big when it comes to this fashion statement.


Gandhi Was A Hippie Before It Was Cool

Bored Panda

Mahatma Gandhi preached peace and love, so it’s no wonder his alter ego is a fan of tie dye. This look is far out, man!


Barack Obama Is Back With Some Serious Style

Bored Panda

It’s no secret that Barack Obama has moves on the basketball court, and this hipster rendition of the former president is just as smooth. He even sports a tattoo of his favorite novel, Moby Dick. Not to mention, those dreads speak volumes!


The Dalai Lama Is Sporting Hipster Staples

Bored Panda

From his artsy glasses to his plain red hoodie, the Dalai Lama is definitely rocking this alternative look. Even his gauged ear and faux-hawk hairstyle fit his classic hipster style here.


President Trump’s Style Is Far From Being Fake News

Bored Panda

This look is going to be yuge. Donald Trump’s septum piercing and chest piece tattoo suit him well. And, of course, who could possibly forget that iconic hair?!

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