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Man Who Stole Truck to Save Victims of the Mass Shooting Returns Keys to the Owner

The deadly mass shooting that occurred in Las Vegas a few weeks ago emerged some heroic acts from people who were on the scene and this includes the selfless act of the 29-year-old former US Marine officer Taylor Winston.

mass shooting

Taylor Winston

Winston who was within the vicinity of the mass shooting, which killed a total of 59 people including the perpetrator, saw an opportunity to save victims when he saw a truck with the keys left inside.

Bored Panda featured the story saying, “[Winston] used it to help victims in the most important way.” Using the stolen pickup truck, the US Marine veteran rushed several wounded victims to nearby hospitals.

According to reports: “Taylor discovered the white truck with the keys still in it as he scrambled to find a way to help the victims while the carnage unfolded around him.”

Winston said: “The shots got louder and louder, closer to us and saw people getting hit, it was like we could be hit at any second. Once we got to the fence, I helped throw a bunch of people over, and got myself over. It was a mini war zone.”

mass shooting

Taylor Winston

“I saw a field with a bunch of white trucks. I tested my luck to see if any of them had keys in it, first one we tried opening had keys sitting right there,” he added.

Winston was able to bring over 2 dozen of people to Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center. He said: “There was just too many and it was overwhelming how much blood was everywhere.”

Days after the the incident when the truck owner, Phelps Amelsberg sent a message to the ex-marine with the message: “Hey Taylor told you might have the keys to my truck?? All I won’t [sic] is the key. Other then [sic] that it’s all water under the bridge to me and hows the people you hauled doing?”

The ex-Marine replied: “I have em for ya. When do you want to meet for em? We’re at the Monte Carlo…I took about 30 critically injured to the hospital. Your truck was extremely important saving those people’s lives. I don’t know if they all made it.”

mass shooting


The keys were already returned to the owner as of this reporting.

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