Where you came from ?! Kitty King Kong Videos to Make You Smile
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King Kong Kitty Videos to Brighten Your Day

The winner in the weekend movies was, hands down, Kong: Skull Island. This was the latest movie about the giant ape King Kong. Whether you made it out to see the film yet or are waiting a bit, these cat videos with a King Kong theme should at least bring a smile to your face.

This small city is no match for this King Kong Kitten:

This Cat King Kong has a mouse and a rat to help destroy “Mini Gotham.” Look for what happens at minute 17.

This kitty King Kong just likes to dress up like the giant ape and is a big fan of bananas:

Maybe action films are not your thing. If you skipped the newest monster flick, you may have been one of the millions to go to Jordan Peele’s horror movie, Get Out. These cats are all about classic horror films:

Maybe you loved that classic, horror movie, Scream. These felines did, too:

This Catzilla trailer should make you afraid. You should be really, really afraid:

If these cute, cat videos do nothing else, they show the real reason that humans took the time to invent the internet. In good times and bad times, everything seems a bit better when there are cute videos of cats to entertain us. And when you may be looking at your microwave oven, television or phone as possible ways the government is watching you, it is good to know that Fluffy has your back.

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