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Kind Stranger Helps Woman; Years Later, They All Get a Huge Reward

Chris Wright was on his way to church with his family when he saw TunDe Hector walking towards the gas station as she ran out of gas. Wright decided to help her out so he turned back, gave Hector a ride, paid for her gas, and gave her whatever money he had left in his pocket that day since Hector only had $5 with her.


ABC News

All of this happened in 2014. Fast forward to 2017, Wright’s mother, Judy, fell ill and needed care 24/7 so the family hired nursing aides, one of whom they completely adored because of her loving spirit and immense compassion.

“There was one nursing aide in particular that touched our hearts,” wrote Carmen, Chris’s wife.


The Wright Family

She added that the nursing aide “provided gentle love and kindness to Judy, sweet words of prayer when we needed them most and a connection that only Divine Intervention could orchestrate.”

Unknown to all of them, the nursing aide was Hector, the stranger that Wright had helped years before. The unbelievable yet heartwarming twist of fate was only revealed after Hector shared a story about a stranger who helped her in 2014 when she ran out of gas and had no money aside from a $5 in her pocket.


Carmen Wright/Youtube

When Wright revealed that he was the ‘stranger’ in the story everybody was crying with joy.

“Tears were shed. God was praised because we don’t believe in coincidence. We knew at that moment that God had woven every fiber of this story together.  The encounter that had blessed them both 3 years ago, came full-circle when the Lord appointed TunDe to show up on our doorstep to care for Judy,” shared Carmen.

By the time this revelation came to light, Judy had already passed away. However, another surprise was still in the works.

kind stranger

Carmen Wright/Youtube

In lieu of flowers, the Wrights encouraged their friends and loved ones to just donate money for Hector’s education as she is studying to become a nurse. Hector had no clue that the Wrights were raising funds for her and the emotional moment she learned about their generosity can be watched here.

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