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The Kardashian West Robbery: How it all went down

News of the Kim Kardashian West robbery has been flooding the media since the incident occurred on October 2 in a luxury apartment in Paris. Kim, who was in the French capital to attend the Paris Fashion Week, was apparently without the services of her bodyguard when the robbery took place. The assailants gained entrance to the exclusive luxury mansion, famously known as the Hotel du Pourtales, disguised as police officers after coercing the concierge at gunpoint to give them access to the private apartment Kim Kardashian was staying in.

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Kim Kardashian was then held at gunpoint, gagged, bound and dumped into a bathtub before the culprits made away with approximately $10 million worth of jewelry and other personal items.

What was stolen?

The incident has only served to draw focus on the extravagance of the word renowned fashion icon after the prosecutor’s office disclosed the value of the stolen items. Among them was her 20-carat emerald-cut ring which is valued at an estimated $4.49 million, hours after she had flaunted it on social media as is the custom of the fashion icon. In addition to that, jewelry worth $5.6 million and two cell phones of unknown value were stolen.

kim kardashian

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Luckily, her two children were in New York at the time of the robbery.

Mixed Reactions

The incident has elicited different reactions from the celebrity’s supporters and her critics. While the majority is generally not moved by the grimness of the robbery –some going as far as calling it a publicity stunt – notable names such as British comedian James Corden sided by the star and expressed his sympathy. In a tweet, the comedian painted Kim Kardashian as a mother, a daughter and a wife who did not deserve all the negativity from the public following the robbery.

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Chanel’s creative director Karl Lagerfeld however did not mince his words when it came to giving his two cents concerning the incident. Aside from his blunt apathy towards the well-being of the fashion icon, he openly reprimanded her for flaunting her expensive jewelry on social media shortly before she was robbed. He was also quick to criticize her choice in accommodation saying that someone of her social status should have opted for something that was more secure. He commented on the reckless garishness of Kim Kardashian West on the Chanel show at the Paris Fashion Week following the robbery.

Social media silence

Since the star’s departure from France on Monday, she has neither been seen nor heard from, with her bare social media pages attesting to her absence. Kim was badly shaken by the ordeal according to her spokeswoman, and it could take more than a few days for her to recover.

What do you think about the reactions to Kim Kardashian’s dramatic night? Let us know in the comments.

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