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Kim Kardashian Finally Returns to Social Media

Kim Kardashian returns to social media one month after the terrifying robbery in Paris. The 36 year old star re-appeared on social media Monday night only to disappear moments later. Kim shared a total of three posts on her Facebook — her first posts since October 2, 2016. While fans were happy about her return to social media, sources claim that the posts were not supposed to go up Monday night.

Kim Kardashian returns

Mark Sagliocco/Getty Images

All three posts that were posted on Monday night seemed inoffensive and ordinary. The first post was an advert for LuMee — the cellphone case brand that Kardashian usually uses in her selfies. In the photo, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is seen relaxing in a chair, dressed in a sweater and shorts. But by Tuesday, she had deleted the post, leaving the other two posts.



The second post appeared closer to home though, showing a number of old videos with Kim and her sister Kourtney celebrating Halloween. The post was posted by her family members who have been managing all her social network channels, but Kim added a comment that articulated how much she liked the idea.

For those who haven’t decided on a Halloween costume on Monday night, Kim offered a total of five holiday essentials through her personal assistant, containing mostly accessories and makeup. Kim’s fans were so thrilled about her return to social media, with all the three posts the first she has posted online since her terrifying robbery in Paris on 2 October.

Kim Kardashians returns

Monica Schipper/Getty Images for Variety

The star has been out of the spotlight since being robbed in Paris a month ago. According to witnesses, five heavily armed intruders who were dressed like French police stormed into her luxury apartment in Paris, and bound her before making away with millions of dollars worth of jewelry.

This is not the first time Kim Kardashian has been online since the attack though. Last week, she liked a tweet about Calvin Harris throwing shade at his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift. Kim also made a public appearance alongside husband Kanye West in L.A recently. She was also spotted alongside sister Kourtney and best friend Jonathan Cheban.

Sources say the star is now considering overhauling her image and it is rumored she’s planning a comeback though no one knows when. Spending most of her time out of the public domain is evidently doing Kim lots of good, but some claim this is damaging her business. According to financial adviser Samuel Rad, Kim could lose up to a $1 million monthly while inactive online.

Should Kim Kardashian stay off the radar? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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