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Gospel Singer Kim Burrell Faces Backlash Following Homophobic Rant

Gospel singer Kim Burrell recently resorted to homophobic rants at a sermon she gave at the Love and Liberty Fellowship Church, Houston, wherein she used words like “perverted” to describe gay people. Later, in a slew of videos posted on Facebook last Friday, she attempted to clarify her choice of words by saying that her words had been misconstrued by her “enemies”, and that they had posted only a portion of the original sermon, in order to malign her name and create controversy in the process.

kim burrell

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In her now infamous sermon, Burrell used a derogatory tone to describe homosexual people as those suffering from an affliction. She said that their spirit is delusional and confused, and that the homosexual behavior has affected plenty of men and women. She also stated that the “homosexual spirit” has polluted the church and offended the Kingdom of God. Kim Burrell even speculated about the AIDS status of Bishop Eddie Long, saying that it was heartbreaking for her to watch him go down to nothing. She went a step further to suggest that those who are afflicted by the “evil of homosexuality” are more prone to developing HIV/AIDS.

kim burrell

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Needless to say, Kim Burrell’s shockingly homophobic rant immediately prompted backslash and criticism from liberals all across social media. In response to the instant pushback, she posted a pair of videos on Facebook Live that saw her assuming the role of a victim and toning down her vitriol, with the hope that doing so would make homosexuals feel less denigrated. The 44-year old then said that she never targeted the LGBT people in her sermon; rather she used the word “sin” to address the homosexual behavior that has inhabited a huge number of people. She further clarified that God has immense love for his children, including those having to deal with a homosexual spirit; God hates the sin, i.e. the homosexual spirit, but not the sinner. She also opined that being the founder and pastor of the Houston church, she was just saying what God intended her to, and that she would fulfill her obligation with passion. Therefore, she was not liable to making excuses or giving apologies to anyone.

kim burrell

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Burrell added that she never said that all gays were destined to perish in hell; instead she meant to say that people who live their life with that spirit have to face the wrath of God sooner or later.

On a related note, Ellen DeGeneres took to Twitter to announce cancellation of show that would feature Burrell, following the latter’s homophobic comments and subsequent backlash. Meanwhile, Frank Ocean’s mom publicly shared on twitter that she has asked her son to remove Burrell’s vocals from a recent recording. She also condemned the Gospel singer’s hate speech and subsequent hypocrisy, calling it “damned” and “opportunistic”.

Watch Kim Burrell’s controversial sermon below:

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