Where you came from ?! Hilarious Times Kids Ratted Out Their Parents In Their School Artwork
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Hilarious Times Kids Ratted Out Their Parents In Their School Artwork

As parents, we like to hope our children won’t tell our dirty secrets to their friends and teachers via crayons and colored pencils, but it happens. It happens often. After simple conversations, future occurrences can be prevented, but sometimes the things our kids reveal about us make it awkward to face their teacher for the rest of the year. Here are some of the best pieces of parent-incriminating art on the internet.


This Kid’s A Wise Crack

Bored Panda

I’m sure a boy wrote this up about his father, as farting seems to be a shared bonding experience for most men.

Funny, little guy.


Called Out

Bored Panda

I’m pretty sure this wasn’t one of the suggested answers for this exercise.

Poor dad won’t be going to any school picnics this year.


Slay, Mom

Bored Panda

I think this kid is trying to vent about his high maintenance mother.

I don’t know what’s funnier, the brand name drawn on mom’s nightie or the photo of her dolled-up.


Stop Cooking, Mom

Bored Panda


Maybe the way to let mom down easy about her cooking is to first tell a classroom full of people so you know you have back-up.


My Mom Does Nothing At All

Bored Panda

It seems like every mother, even if full-time employed, has to explain to her children that she actually does something other than care for them… like watch Ellen.


Battle Of The Sexes

Bored Panda

This is the difference between men and women in the mind of a first grader.

Women are full of love. Men are full of gas.


She’s Evil I Tell ‘Ya

Bored Panda

This drawing is pretty intense. Evil mom gets eaten by an evil snake because she doesn’t like people.

Also, mom looks kind of like The Joker.


The Book Of Faces

Bored Panda

Watching Ellen isn’t the only thing moms do — they also love to be on Facebook.

This kid tells his class his father is allergic to the internet (I’m sure) but his mother is obsessed with it.

How embarrassing.


Passing Notes To Waitresses

Bored Panda

This kid wanted his waitress to know how miserable he is in life. He drew a picture of his parents fighting in a wrestling ring, specifically WWE.



I Love My Dad

Bored Panda

I don’t know about you, but this sounds like a pretty awesome childhood.

Who wouldn’t want to fix a car using Dollar Store tools with their intoxicated father?

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