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Woman Is Shocked When Her Foster Kids Explain Why They Hate Halloween. What She Does Next Is Brilliant.

There are Halloween horrors that only exist in our imaginations, but for the two foster daughters of Amy Beth Gardner, the horrors were sadly only too real.

Amy Tells Us How Bad It Can Be

Amy says, “My youngest daughter was five years old when she came to us via foster care. As we approached our first Halloween together, I noticed that she and her nine-year-old sister froze in fear each time I mentioned the upcoming holiday. I finally asked the girls if they had ever experienced Halloween before coming to live with us and was horrified by their answer.”


She continued, “They took turns telling me about how they had once been given candy for Halloween only to have an adult take the candy and eat it in front of them while making them watch. When the girls began to cry, the adult handed them the brown paper wrappers that had been holding the chocolate peanut butter cups and forced them to eat the empty wrappers — a cruel way to give the girls a literal taste of what they were missing out on that Halloween evening.”

Amy’s Plan Was Simple

In order to make sure that the girls loved Halloween again, Amy gave them each a bag for their candy and a marker pen.


She told them to count the pieces of candy that went into the bag and mark them off. Then they could also mark them off as they ate them and be certain that no one was stealing their candy.

The girls liked the idea, but they were slow to trust. Each night before bed for months after Halloween, they counted each piece in the bag to make sure none of them had gone.

Good News Becomes Great News

The girls that Amy had fostered, in the fullness of time, became her adopted daughters. Then something happened at Halloween that Amy will never forget.


Her youngest daughter made a bag out of her favorite candies and then put a note with them. “Mom, I want to give you a taste of how much love I have for you by giving you my candy.”

Amy says that it was the most valuable gift she has ever been given, the trust of her daughters. She encourages all of us to do the same as her little one and let the bitter in our lives become the sweet.

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